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You asked for it, now here it is! My very post on Australian food, Sydney to be exact. Yes, I know I have told most people that I was supposed to fly to Melbourne but due to a certain twist of fate, I am now in Sydney and have been here for the past one month. It’s funny how things change only at the last minute, but when they turn out to be the best thing to happen, who’s complaining? :) For the past month, I took some time off to visit nearby suburbs, restaurants, places of interests, etc. And by gosh, Sydney is filled with Asians, and I don’t mean it in a bad way. But I certainly have no problem fitting myself in here, while enjoying the cool weather and blue skies.



One thing that many of my new found friends do over the weekend is to have brunch. Brunch, being the meal in between breakfast and lunch, is very functional – it allows us to sleep in for that extra couple of hours, and also saves one meal in a day. How economic. :) A popular place for brunch in Sydney is Surry Hills, where many artsy cafes are located. We visited one of the notable cafes there one weekend, Reuben Hills, only to find ourselves having to queue for a table. The place was packed to the brim. Fortunately the wait was not too long and we had our table within 20 minutes.


Cappuccino ($5)

Ordering was easy since they only had a one-page menu that included food and drinks. My cousin had the Cappuccino which he praised well. Apparently,Reuben Hills also roast their own coffee beans upstairs. I must bring Saucer here to try their famous coffee.


Wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, melted manchego and horseradish cream ($16)

My cousin also had the Wagyu salt brisket sandwich, which was really delicious! I was given some to try and I didn’t have any expectations since it looked like a normal sandwich, but the combination worked wonders. The wagyu was very well-flavoured and savory, the slaw was slightly sour and the horseradish just tied everything together with the warm toasts like a nice present. I ended up liking this more than what I ordered for myself, so I’ll definitely return to get a whole portion of this for my own next time. :)


Balaeda with pulled Pimenton pork ($13)

I had the Balaeda, which, according to the menu, “originates from El Progreso Honduras and is one of the most original and popular food there. It’s really a wheat flour tortilla, often quite thick, folder in half and filled with an array of fillings.” My order was filled with pulled pork and salsa, and even though it didn’t look like much from the picture, it was pretty filling. The pulled pork was soft and flavorful, while the salsa was sharp and spicy. It was quite a nice combination although it did get a little boring halfway through. Still, I would consider this as a filling meal that could replace both breakfast and lunch, without the feeling of guilt.


Glorious pulled pork with salsa

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the quality of the food here, and I most certainly enjoyed their environment. It was very laid-back, casual and fuss-free, with an interior that looked like an old warehouse. But it certainly had its own charm. Or there wouldn’t be such a long queue even after we left.


Reuben Hills at Surry Hills, Sydney

Reuben Hills
61 Albion Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Contact No.: +612 9211 5556
Opening Hours: Daily (7am – 4pm)

Reuben Hills on Urbanspoon

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  1. says

    it’s nice to be at a foreign country, and trying out their food.. i like that feeling – and hoping to experience that again.. haha.. all the best :)

  2. says

    Yum! Yum! That’s the way. I can’t understand Malaysians moving there and then they go for the pseudo-authentic Malaysian food all the time…even to places like Pappa Rich or Old Town. When in Rome, do as the Romans do…

  3. says

    seems like a promising start to your aussie eating adventures! and y’know, i was converting the prices for your food in this post into ringgit, and it still sounds fairly reasonable! i can definitely imagine paying much more than RM20 for that pulled pork balaeda 😀

  4. Jared says

    To add a holiday touch, the food magazine adds gingerbread spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger, and serves the pancakes with fresh bananas rather than maple syrup.

  5. says

    well wishing you many more brunches, i believe the brunch scene is as big as melbourne if not bigger!

    so have you decided to settle down in sydney or still thinking of moving down to melbourne?

  6. says

    wow, having great time in Sydney huh?? the sandwich instead look very nice to me, it’s not an ordinary one in my eyes, i do see beauty in it, haha!! maybe i’m a sandwich lover.. your balaeda looks good too, especially the pork and salsa filling inside.. yummy!!

  7. Lin says

    So I was about to review Ichiban Boshi on Urbanspoon after watching The Avengers and guess who popped up on my News Feed with a Reuben Hills review? *waves*
    You missed out one very important thing at Reuben Hills: The Salted Caramel Milkshake. Don’t watch how it’s made, just savour every drop 😀

    • says

      Hey babe! LOL didn’t know I was in your news feed 😛 Well I definitely plan to return to Reuben Hills to try that milk shake one day. Care to join me? :)

    • Lin says

      Yea, I reviewed RH before so all RH reviews automatically show up…I swear I wasn’t stalking your blog, lol..
      I’m always up for brunch – just let me know when!

  8. Jennifer Alvasin says

    looks delicious! .. my mouth is watery now .. i wanna try it out ass soon as i can ..

    Thanks ….

  9. Julian Black says

    hey this looks really testy … gonna try this out as soon as i can .. Thanks a lot for sharing .

  10. Wendy Mariland says

    Australia is such an amazing country. I totally digg the food combination that you have posted. It looks really yummy and delicious

  11. says

    It certainly looks delicious….Serve me everday and I ll be very happy.

    Looks like you are doing pretty well there. All the best & take care¸ya. I would love to visit Sydney or Melbourne some day. Post more about Sydney!

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