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To me, a visit to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without going to the Skypark at Marina Bay Sands. Ever since its opening, I have been wanting to visit this place so the opportunity came when Saucer and I were in Singapore for a short trip over the weekend. We took the MRT to Bayfront station, which brought us to the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes itself. From there, we explored past the many high-end shops, the casino and finally to the hotel heading towards the Skypark. Now I have drafted a complete post on Skypark itself, so I shall concentrate on something else for this post, namely the Ku De Ta restaurant.


Marina Bay Sands Hotel

We never had plans to dine at Ku De Ta at all, since we knew it would be expensive and touristy, especially considering our small RM value. We reached the Skypark at around 5.30pm in time for an evening view of the Singapore skyline, but I was not satisfied until we could capture the night view as well. After all, we paid SGD20 each to come up here. 😛 So there was nothing else to do but to wait at the Skypark, and after an hour, both of us got pretty restless and hungry while the sky was still bright. We contemplated having dinner there but decided against it since we already had plans to have Chilli Crabs. So we continued loitering around the Skypark until we couldn’t stand our hunger and our tired feet. There was no place to sit around the park!


Singapore skyline in the evening

Finally, just after 7pm, both of us decided that we should at least grab some snacks and water from Ku De Ta, being the only restaurant there, while waiting for the sky to turn dark. Since we didn’t have any reservations, we were placed at the high tables instead of the proper dining tables. To be honest, we didn’t mind as long as we could finally rest our feet. Keeping to our decision of just snacking, we ordered a chicken and a noodle dish to be shared.


Table settings at Ku De Ta

One thing to note though, they charged a whopping SGD12 for a bottle of still water, so it’s best to request for normal water/sky juice when asked “Still or Sparkling?” Of course, we learnt it the expensive way. Our first dish was the Hand-Made Japanese Udon in Tonkotsu Broth. I was surprised to see that the udon here was a little different from what I was used to. The texture was very smooth the shape was flatter and thinner than the usual udon. The broth was light but quite tasty, the sort that grew on you as you continue slurping. This was definitely simplicity at its best.


Hand-Made Japanese Udon in Tonkotsu Broth (SGD12)

Half-way through, we were presented with what appeared to be their Amuse Bouche of the day. It was a plate of eggplant cooked in a thick and tasty sauce not unlike BBQ. This was quite a nice filler while we waited for our next dish.


Amuse Bouche

Saucer chose the Baby Chicken Teriyaki & Cereal Tuille to be shared, and was surprised at how ‘baby’ it was. It couldn’t be much bigger than the size of a chicken chop, to be honest, but it was cooked very well – honey-sweet, savory and tender. The addition of cereal tuille also gave it a nice crunch, giving an additional dimension to this well-marinated chicken. Oh, did I mention that it was boneless too? We almost had to fight for the last piece.


Baby Chicken Teriyaki & Cereal Tuille (SGD31)


witch & Saucer at Ku De Ta

The environment at Ku De Ta was actually pretty casual, perhaps due to the area that we were seated. It was very well-lit with glass walls all around, giving us a good view of the Skypark. Our waitress that day was attentive and friendly too, and even initiated to take a picture of both of us when she saw that I had a camera. Even though it was an expensive meal, we had fun and most importantly, it managed to keep us occupied until the sky turned dark!


Dining area


Waiting for the sun to set


Ku De Ta at Skypark, Singapore

Point to ponder: Just wondering, if one were to have dinner at this restaurant, does he still need to pay the SGD20 entrance fee to Skypark?

Ku De Ta
SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands North Tower
1 Bayfront Avenue 018971 Singapore
Tel No: +65 6688 7688
Opening Hours: Lunch (12noon to 3pm) Dinner (6pm to 11pm)
Website: kudeta.com.sg 

*Note: Read the rest of my Singapore Escapade here!

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  1. says

    magnificent view, but i’ve not been there before, not even have the chance to go near, hahaha!! wow, S$12 for a bottle of still water!!! never mind lah, you orang kaya mah.. haha!!

  2. says

    Those dishes look absolutely mouthwatering. I’ve lived one year in Shanghai but never managed to make it to Singapore, next time I go to East Asia it will be a must, my parents have been there and they were absolutely stunned by the variety of restaurants and great food they found!

  3. says

    argggh, it’s been nearly five years since the last time i was in singapore. i’ll keep this on my to-visit list for the next time i’m there!

  4. says

    baby chicken teriyaki…… looks like char siu to me..
    I think those are like the young spring chicken….
    just mature enuff to be eaten .. the meat is tenderly soft..
    no wonder both of you fight for the last piece..

  5. Missy Candy says

    to ans your last qns, all kudeta singapore’s guests do not have to pay SGD$20 to head up to marina bay sands’s skypark.

  6. says

    Ku De Ta is a very casual pool-side dining area, and the only thing about the place is that it has an awesome view. The price of the food is certainly not worth it!

  7. says

    Hi to all visitors, if you all would like to go up to SKYPARK, just make a reservation at Kudeta and you can go up for free. (then u may wish to cancel the reservation if you’re not keen to eat. Hahaha)

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