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Buffet is not something that we usually crave for, but there was one day in Bangkok when we were sight-seeing from the morning to the evening with little food, and seeing the sight of all-you-can-eat instantly stirred up our appetite. Shabushi is a combination of 2 Japanese cooking elements – shabu-shabu (hot pot) and sushi (raw seafood with rice). According to the billboard, this chain is owned by Oishi Group, the popular establishment from Bangkok that started the first ever Japanese buffet restaurant in Thailand. We were there at around 5+pm but there was already a queue, albeit a short one. We managed to get our place by the kaiten belt within 15 minutes of waiting, and were told that we only had 2 hours to eat.


Shabushi buffet at 290baht (~RM29)

The first thing we noticed once we entered the restaurant was the wide spread of sushi provided in front. There was a variety of salmon sushi, saba sushi, tobiko sushi, ebi sushi, tamago sushi just to name a few. Some of the platters were half empty when we reached, but we were impressed at how quickly those platters were refilled throughout our dining duration. The platters remained more than half full most of the time. I enjoyed their salmon sushi, for they certainly were generous with the portion. The cut was relatively thick and the fish was reasonably fresh.


Variety of sushi


Selection of salmon sushi


More salmon sushi


My first plate of sushi


Saucer’s plate

Apart from the sushi, there was an individual hot pot for each of us, with our choice of soup. Since we were in Bangkok, we chose the obvious choice of Tom Yam soup. The kaiten belt was filled quite a variety of goodies, mostly seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, etc. The quality of the seafood was pretty decent, especially the clams and salmon head, which I found to be quite fresh. They also made the soup more tasty! And don’t forget the spread of raw meat offered for the shabu-shabu, we had a selection of beef, pork, bacon, chicken and fish fillet to our heart’s content. We initially thought that 2 hours was too short for a buffet meal, but we ended up to be completely stuffed after one and a half hours.


Kaiten belt


Continuous supply of food


Raw meat slices

For desserts, there was a choice of ice-cream, fruits or hot red bean soup. We only opted for the ice-cream since it was perfect to cool us down after the steaming hot pot meal. If that’s not enough, there was also unlimited supply of Oishi Green Tea, which was pretty refreshing too.


Ice-cream for dessert

Overall, we were pretty satisfied with the meal here. Quality was decent for a chain buffet restaurant, and most importantly, food supply was continuous and constantly refilled. Be careful not to mix up Shabushi with its competitor Sukishi, which is located just across the corridor at Siam Center. We tried the latter too and found that the quality was not as good as Shabushi.


Shabushi at Siam Center


Siam Center is just across Siam Paragon

Getting here: Take the BTS and alight at Siam station. You can already spot Shabushi from the station itself!

4th floor, Siam Center,
989, Rama I Rd., Pathum Wan,
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

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    for only 290 baht, really cannot expect that much right?? as long as things are fresh i supposed you should not have too many complaints, haha.. :)

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