The Sinful Claypot Briyani

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Just before I left my previous company, my colleagues brought me out for a farewell lunch at their favorite restaurant, Legend’s Claypot Briyani House. It was actually my second visit to the place and I remembered liking their clay pot briyani rice very much. Even though they have quite a few branches around Klang Valley, my colleagues mentioned that the one in Serdang is one of the better ones. I haven’t tried the others so I can’t comment.


Claypot Briyani

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Legend’s, order the clay pot briyani. :) Or at least that’s what I thought. I tried the Fish Claypot Briyani, which arrived piping hot in a clay pot no less. It was served together with a piece of banana leaf for one to pour the rice on, either for better flavor or to cool it down for easier consumption. What I first did when my dish was served, was to quickly mix the rice well to make sure that there wouldn’t be burnt bits especially at the bottom of the clay pot. And I tell you, the aroma that came whiffing out made it that much harder to resist eating, burnt tongue regardless. Combined with pieces of fried fish, a good mix gave the spiced rice plenty of flavor. Each bite was a pure delight. The rice was fluffy, moist, well-coated with spices and bursting with flavor that it was hard not to finish the whole pot of it against my desire to eat moderately. 😛 It was well worth the calories.


Claypot Briyani Fish (RM13.90)


Tasty Fish meat

The funny thing about  my colleagues though, was that they thought the Banana Leaf Rice (BLR) there was much better than the clay pot briyani! Well, as tempted as I was to try something new, I still resorted to my own favorite in the end. The default vegetarian BLR came with either a choice of white rice or briyani rice with a selection of vegetables, curry, papaddam (crackers) and rasam, a South Indian soup. Add-ons are available in the form of either curry chicken, lamb or fish.


Briyani Banana Leaf Rice Set


Fish Curry


Vegetarian Set Banana Leaf Rice (RM6.50)

Some of the more popular side dishes were the Fried Chicken and the Chicken Varuval (dry curry). I personally enjoyed the former since they were fried to perfection with a crispy skin and moist, tender meat within. It was also very well-marinated, resulting in chicken that was not only tender but tasty. The chicken varuval, on the other hand, was a little overwhelming for me perhaps because I was having the briyani which was already full of flavor. But eating the dry curry with white rice though, was a whole different story. My colleagues swore by this dish and never failed to order this with their BLR.


Fried Chicken (RM6)


Chicken Varuval (RM5)

On the whole, even though some might not agree, I still enjoyed the clay pot briyani at Legend’s. I liked the clean and comfortable air-conditioned environment that is provided, because we would definitely be sweating halfway through the piping hot clay pot rice. The downside to it though, was that we were heavily comatose at work after the heavy lunch!


Dining environment at Legend’s


Legend’s Claypot Briyani House

Legend’s Claypot Briyani House
225 Jalan 18/23,
Taman Sri Serdang,
Seri Kembangan,
43300 Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No.: +603-8943 2236/ +603-8943 3604
Opening Hours: Daily (7am – 11pm)

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  1. says

    wow, that nasi briyani certainly looks good!! but i guess the egg on top is a bit too snatching the limelight, hahahaha!! wow, such a heavy lunch huh, hope you didn’t doze off of sugar rush in office later, haha!! 😀

  2. says

    coincidentally i just had nasi briyani with chicken near my office this week. my first briyani of the year! loved it too. the full, rich flavors, the fluffiness of the rice. haha, but like you, i was also in a food coma after eating it! 😀

  3. Peter Simpson says

    This claypot biryani looks so very delicious. I love Indian foods and this has to be one of the best among them.


  4. nirmala says

    15 march 14 we have our lunch in legend in serdang, service was very poor coz short man power to take order and serve, i hv order apple juice as i kno all juices serve in spl juice glass but my apple came in ordinary teh tarik glass i hv ask y serve like tiz waiter cum cashier said all juice glass broken !! anyway i saw my next table orange juice serve in standrad juice glass, why this iresponsible things can be happen ? we our family practice must go legend atleast 1 mth once..each time above RM70 only we pay we are not eating for free ya..hope management take note …tq

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