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During the final week before I left Malaysia, I was pretty free especially during the day time. When Yen suggested for afternoon tea together at Pavilions Lounge, Sheraton Imperial KL, I immediately agreed to it. For one, this tea is only available during weekdays and I never had the chance to try it when I was working, and secondly, with the Starwood card, it’d cost around RM20 for the afternoon tea buffet. Of course, it goes without saying that the fabulous company made the day that much more fun.


The small buffet spread

We arrived just before 3pm to find Pavilions Lounge to be rather empty with only 1 or 2 tables occupied. The 4 of us made ourselves comfortable at one of the couches, before being informed that we couldn’t sit at the same table if we were going to use 2 Starwood cards. What a bummer! After much negotiation with the manager on duty, we managed to sit together. But our moods were somewhat ruined, not to mention that the buffet spread was really not a spread at all. Perhaps we set our expectations too high but the afternoon tea buffet was quite limited in selection and quantity. At least they used nice china plates that set the right mood for our tea experience.


Cutlery for afternoon tea

There were selections of chocolates, cup cakes, donuts, scones, macaroons, cookies, and tarts on the table. I did enjoy the chocolate donuts and the chocolate balls, but most of the items were pretty average. I was looking forward to the scones but they turned out to be rather hard and dry. I did not have a try at the cupcakes as they looked like they were overloaded with sugar. I’m no expert with macarons but comparing the hotel version with those that Quay Po Cooks brought, the latter won hands down. :)


Fresh strawberries

Every cloud has a silver lining and in this case, it was their TWG Tea that came with the buffet. Each of us was allowed to choose from the tea list that included Royal Darjeeling, Emperor Sencha, English Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint Tea, Jasmine Queen and Royal Breakfast Tea. Since we were seated in a corner, it was quite hard to get the attention of the waiters, until one of us had to bring the pots over to the counter for a refill.


TWG English Earl Grey tea






Chocolate balls – milk and dark variety




Jam, cream and honey for scones




Raspberry tarts


Cheese and carrot cakes


First plate

Aside from the mediocre food and service, we found great joy in catching up and getting to know each other more on the quiet afternoon. Also, it helped that we only paid RM22 per person with the Starwood card. Anything more, it wouldn’t have been worth it. If we ever do return, it would solely be for the comfortable couches and nice ambience.


Ladies at tea


Pavilions Lounge, Sheraton Imperial KL

Pavilions Lounge
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No.: +603 -2717 9900
Afternoon Tea Hours: Mon – Fri (2pm – 6pm)
Price: RM38++/person

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  1. says

    Ooooo…I love the crockery!!! What beautiful plates!!! Not the usual boring plain white ones that hotels usually use.

    Oh no! Quay Po was there!!! Habis lah!!! How can the things compare to what she makes/bakes/cooks herself!!! LOL!!!

  2. says

    nice afternoon tea buffet (and not those scary malaysian style high-tea buffet, haha).. love all those pastries, just very cool for a sweet-tooth like me.. somemore only RM20!! wow~~ worth!!!

  3. says

    oooo, i wonder if the spread is actually taken from their lunch desserts counter. only one way to find out, i guess: have the buffet lunch here, and then have the buffet high tea! 😀

  4. says

    OMG! All sweet stuffs! But quite limited varieties eh? And I think I will only eat the dark chocolate balls and the raspberry minus the tart. LOL!

  5. says

    Wah.. memang luxury high tea… and a lovely ones.. hehehehe.. I want strawberries dip chocolate/honey/cream sure yummy yummy.. Mouth waterings… going to gain weight soon.. with this high tea :)

  6. Rea Jean says

    The desserts look very mouth-watering. I hope someday I would have the chance to be there. Is this a buffet restaurant? I would love to be there. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful experience.

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