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A few days after I wrote about myImart website, I couldn’t stop myself from browsing through the deals and trying out myself! I scrolled up and down, read every single deal and thought of what would be most suitable for me. Since I did not have plans to travel, I only focused on the lifestyle deals and boy, was it hard to choose! After what seemed like eternity, I decided to settle on the IPL and Erola E-Light Facial Treatment by Venuss Beauty Salon that claims to “to invigorate and rejuvenate your skin by improving skin texture, destroying and removing active acne, reducing pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles”

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Lifestyle deals from

According to the website, this package is inclusive of :

  • 2 hour E-Light Facial Treatment involving cleansing, steaming, facial and shoulder massage, E-Light therapy, Mask, Serum and UV Light Treatment originally worth RM 280.
  • 45 minute Bio Light Full Body Whitening Treatment originally worth RM 350.


Treatment room

Purchasing the deal was straightforward – just click on “BUY NOW”, proceed to payment and the voucher would be in your account soon after. I made an appointment with the beauty salon and went there a few days later. Venuss Beauty Salon is located in Kuchai Lama, where parking is a chore. Thankfully, I found refuge in the comfortable room that I was given once they validated my voucher. Very pink!


The pink and girly treatment room

The facial took more than 2hours, with all the standard procedures of double cleansing, scrubbing, steam, extraction, mask and massage included. But what made this facial different was their signature E-light therapy, which was supposed to reduce fine lines and lighten pigmentation. Now one of the biggest problems for my skin was the freckles that I get especially after being under the sun. I am going to show you a very close up picture of the freckles, before and after the E-light (brace yourself!). The first picture was taken after cleansing, steaming and extraction, where the freckles and pigmentation were extremely obvious. The second picture shows the results after being zapped by the E-light and applying serum. The difference is incredible! Obviously, the freckles wouldn’t disappear just after one session, but the redness from the extraction was gone. The therapist made it very clear that the treatment would only lighten the appearance of freckles, and would continue to do so with more treatments. I was quite satisfied with the outcome and wouldn’t mind returning for another session.


Picture 1 – before E-light treatment


Picture 2 – after E-light treatment


Smiling customer

I hope you were not grossed out by the pictures above (I know I was!). I guess I just want to say that really does give good deals to the customers by ensuring a certain quality control before selling them. I definitely had my share of less than ideal experiences from purchasing cheap deals from other group-buying sites which focus more on quantity instead of quality.


Venuss Beauty Salon treatment room

Venuss Beauty Salon
No 8 (GF), Jalan Kuchai Maju 11,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Off Jln Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
Contact No.: +603 7984 6266 (Rachel)

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