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Being working professionals, it’s without a doubt that after work hours is the time that you look forward to the most. What could make after work hours even better than they already are? Fancy cocktails? How about beer? Or even wine? Al-Amar Express has recently launched a brilliant promotion called “Let’s Meet up after work”, from 4pm to 8pm daily. During these hours, you get to “Buy 2 cocktails and get 1 Free” or “Buy 2 beers and get 1 Free”. Now,isn’t that reason enough for you to ask that cute girl out for drinks after work, by using this promotion as an excuse? 😛


“Let’s meet up after work”

And so we did meet up after work one day, a big group of us too, and sampled almost every cocktail on the menu. Some of those that I tried were pretty good, especially the Frozen Margarita! It was clearly a favorite among the group as I could see it being served over and over again throughout the night. The prices of the cocktails were quite reasonable too, ranging from RM24-28 each.


Red Wine – Chateau Musar Jeune Rose Bekaa Valley, Lebanon (RM25/glass, RM135/bottle)


Strawberry Margarita (RM24)


Mojito (RM26)


Cosmopolitan (RM28)


Frozen Margarita (RM24) – thumbs up!

When a group of foodies joined together, food would definitely be on the agenda. And food will never be a shortage at Al-Amar Express, which specializes in Lebanese cuisine. We started with Grilled Chicken Salad, which used marinated chicken breast served with lettuce and tomato, topped with aioli dressing. This was pretty good, including the grilled chicken breast which I would normally avoid. The chicken was surprisingly quite tender with a slightly crusty outer layer. This is definitely pleasure without guilt.


Grilled Chicken Salad (RM20) 

But I was more impressed with the Haloumi Salad instead, which had watercress, spinach, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, herb crust crouton and fried haloumi cheese with vinaigrette dressing. Yes, you read it right – fried cheese! Imagine the joy of popping these gorgeous babies in your mouth – crispy and golden brown on the outside, rich and creamy once you start chewing the inside. I never thought I could enjoy cheese this much!


Haloumi Salad (RM20) 

Apart from the dishes we had, we were served complimentary flat bread throughout dinner, which was perfect with their signature Moutabal and Hommos! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if I could have just flat bread and hommos for dinner, I’ll be a very happy girl. The hommos is always my favorite at Al Amar – superbly soft and smooth, laced with chick peas and olive oil. Excellent!


Moutabal (RM12.90)


Hommos (RM12.90)

While waiting for our mains, we munched on some mini pastries such as the Spinach Fatayer and Lamb Sambousik. Both were very good and delicious. I enjoyed the spinach fatayer that was filled with baby spinach and lemon zest. Served warm, the crispy pastries revealed tasty fillings which were savory and addictive.


 Spinach Fatayer (RM8.50)


Lamb Sambousik (RM8.50)

Manakeesh is also Lebanese equivalent of pizzas, and we had a couple of that to share among us. But the outstanding flavor was undoubtedly the Kafta with Cheese Manakeesh, which was a delicious mixture of lamb with glorious cheese and mayo on top. I could do away with the mayo, but the lamb was oh so flavorful and tender. Each bite of the manakeesh was bursting with flavor, so is it any wonder that this pizza was finished the fastest? :)


Spicy Chicken with Cheese Manakeesh (RM17.90)


Kafta with Cheese Manakeesh (RM17.90)

We compared the flavors of a Roasted Chicken and Grilled Spicy Chicken, where both were competently prepared, but I was certainly biased towards the spicy version. It also helped that the grilled version had much more flavor and aroma that kept teasing our nose buds. It was so good that Saucer requested for the leftovers to bring back. 😀


Whole Roasted Chicken (RM38)


Whole Grilled Spicy Chicken (RM38)

Last but not least, how could we miss out on trying their Shawarma, or what we know as Kebab? They had two versions, either Chicken Shawarma or Beef Shawarma, but we found the chicken to be more impressive that night. It was very well roasted with plenty of crispy charred bits but at the same time still tender and flavorful. However, the beef shawarma fell short as we found it to be a tad too dry and tough. The chicken was a clear winner here. :)


Chicken Shawarma Platter (RM24.90)


Beef Shawarma Platter (RM24.90)

At the end of the day, food and drinks is always secondary to great company! We had so much fun that night, catching up with old friends and meeting up with new ones, that we talked and talked until we lost track of time. That’s the thing with Al Amar Express, its location right in the middle of the prime Bukit Bintang area was always filled with cars and people at any hour, that we didn’t realize how late it was by then. It was going to be a dinner to remember. :)


KY, Craig, FBB and Saucer


with Quaypocooks, Yen, FBB, Ciki and Ralph of Al-Amar


Al-Amar Express

Al-Amar Express
Lot G44, Ground Floor,
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel no: +603-2141 3814
Opening hours: 8am to 1am Daily (opens til 5am on weekends)
Email: info@al-amar.com
Website: http://www.al-amar.com/ Facebook Page


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