The Story of a Sandwich Lunch

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I still remember some time last year, we had a training session in office and didn’t have time to go out for lunch. That day, we wanted something quick and convenient, so I decided to order sandwiches for all of us. But when the sandwiches arrived, most of the guys groaned by thinking that sandwiches were too ‘light’ and wouldn’t be enough for them. I almost felt bad about it, but a week later when we had to order for lunch again, one of the guys suggested for me to order sandwiches (!), to which I responded with “Are you sure?”. Apparently, looks can be deceiving and the guys not only felt full after their sandwich lunch last week, but thoroughly enjoyed it too! No prizes for guessing where I ordered the sandwiches from, none other than O’Briens! :)


Sandwich that can make you full

Just a few weeks back, I visited O’Briens, this time at their latest outlet in Mid Valley Megamall. I am personally fine with having sandwiches as a complete meal of its own, because I think that they have all the necessary ingredients for a perfectly balanced meal. You get carbohydrates from the bread, protein from the meat and egg, and vitamins and fibre from the vegetables. Best of all, it’s a healthy meal that keeps you full for long, so you don’t have to feel guilty afterwards.


Sandwich bar


Fresh vegetables


Salad preparation

At O’Briens, we get to see the whole preparation process of our orders, be it coffee, salads or sandwiches. Everything is done at the open counter, and the smell of toasted sandwiches permeate the whole restaurant all the time. We started dinner with Classic Caesar Salad, nicely tossed with their own homemade Caesar dressing and topped with generous amount of grapes, chicken slices, chicken crisps and croutons. The whole combination tasted so good, thanks to the nice play of flavours from the sweet grapes and savoury chicken. I think the trick must have the delicious chicken crisps that tasted like crackers, they’re so very addictive!


Classic Caesar Salad ( RM16)


Toasting sandwiches

My favourite that night, and all this while, was the Chicken Tripledecker. I have been ordering Chicken Tripledecker for as long as I remember whenever I dine at O’Briens. Cut into a portion with 3 slices of bread each, the sandwiches had chicken crisps and coleslaw on one end, and lettuce with boiled chicken slices on the other. There’s no other way to eat this than with your bare hands and a wide-open mouth, for you will only taste the best of this by biting all 3 layers at the same time. Yummy!


Chicken Tripledecker ( RM 18.80 )

The Hot Chicken Slice and Cheddar Cheese Shambo was served a little differently on foccacia bread shaped into the shape of a shamrock, representing Ireland. This was filled with chicken slice, cheese and lettuce mixed with their homemade dressing, and was good to eat when it’s hot (read: melting cheese).


Hot Chicken Slice and Cheddar Cheese Shambo ( RM 15.80 )

For those on a low-carb diet, the Chicken, Chicken Crisp and Cheddar Wrappo could work as a good alternative. A thin slice of tortilla skin wraps a combination of chicken, tomato, capsicum, cheese and onions within, giving it a balanced combination of meat and vegetables. The only issue for me is that I don’t eat onions, so I need to inform them to do away with onions the next time I’m there.


Chicken, Chicken Crisp and Cheddar Wrappo ( RM 16.50 )

Apart from salads and sandwiches, O’Briens serves soup and coffee too. Their soup of the day was Cream of Mushroom, served in a sizable coffee cup. To be honest, the soup was tasted quite similar to the one you get from the pizza place, except that it’s smoother and creamier without the unsightly flour lumps. Quite nice as a tummy-warmer, but definitely not the restaurant’s signature.


Soup of the day – Cream of Mushroom ( RM 6.50 )


Frothy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows ( RM9 )

The fact that this place is selling mainly sandwiches may put off many, especially guys, who generally think that sandwiches are not filling enough. But do give O’Briens a try and you never know you might convert into a Chicken Tripledecker lover! :)


O’Briens at Mid Valley Megamall

O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe
LG-030 and 031, (next to Jusco)
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No.: +603 – 2282 5423
Call for Delivery: 1300 30 3000

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  1. says

    oh, i like O’Briens.. everytime i passed by their outlets, am sure attracted to have a peep at their fresh ingredients at the counter.. feel so happy when i see all those fresh vege and ham and sausages~~ :p

  2. says

    Looks so good! I love sandwich lots and can have them anytime but O’Briens a bit costly for me so I always go to Subway instead. But the pics here all look so good mebe I should save some money and try them one day! 😀

  3. says

    i’m a believer in o’briens too! i think it’s yummier and more satisfying overall than subway, heh. but yeah, i guess it’s the price factor that makes subway also appealing in its own way…

  4. says

    O’Briens! Ohh, that’s my favorite place! Since I’m on diet, I love to order Chicken Crisp and Cheddar Wrappo every time.

    The foods are yummy and healthy. I can’t resist… Yumm!!

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