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A couple of months back, I took up a studio photography package to put my posing skills to test. To be honest, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the results since I only managed to find a handful of pictures that I like out of the hundreds that we took! Anyway, since it’s only my second professional shoot, it’s forgivable. πŸ˜› I was allowed to choose 2 outfits for the shoot so I chose one wearing the basic white singlet and jeans, while another wearing a short blue dress. Showed the pictures to some of my friends and most of the feedback I received said that I looked better with a smile. Looks like I have got to put in more effort to look better when I’m serious. :) Here are some of the pictures taken from the shoot!

Studio Pics

Pic #1

Studio Pics

Pic #2

Studio Pics

Pic #3

Studio Pics

Pic #4

Studio Pics

Pic #5

Studio Pics

Pic #6

Studio PicsΒ 

Pic #7

Constructive comments much appreciated! :)

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  1. says

    i think i agree with your friends that the smiley photos are nicer. it seems like in pics 1 and 6, you look almost angry, so it might be a bit of a scary expression (unless you’re intentionally trying to look angry) =)

  2. says

    look do different with the full make up.. err, smile or not smile also can but make sure it comes with attitude!! haha.. I like #3 the most, show off your gifted long legs.. :)

  3. says

    #1 – emotionless
    Not my cup of tea, but I understand that all fashion models do that. The logic, as I have been told, is that the model should not distract people from the dress… (BS!)

  4. says

    #5 – Shadow a bit too much to be of my liking. But some people like shadow; they say shadow makes an image look more 3D

    I gather that the photographer used a single light source…

  5. says

    This is based on my many years of studying ANTM lols…if inaccurate let me know^^ Just a feedback from my point of view.

    1)Relax the neck. Tension is good but too much can make that extra bit stick out.

    2) Sweet! _<"

    3) My fav! Loving the angles. The lines make your body look like a roller coaster! up and down <3 <3 Wishing right hand was more visible. Face wise a little parted lips and extra smize would be killer!

    4) You seem to be clenching your jaw.. Relax the jaw and neck. breathing out does that..Left hand crossing the front of right elbow would be nicer and left leg a little to the left but knees together would create the lines awesome lines in picture 3

    5) Loosing the neck again. A few cm looking to the left/light would highlight your face.

    6)Sexay pose~ Left wrist looks awkward from this angle.

    7) Careful with your hands. Simple pose but wish there was more tension in the shoulders.

    For the eyes smize= smiling with your eyes. Breathing in or out when taking picture have different effects.
    Think of shapes you are creating with your body. i notice you are still reserve in your poses but maybe not used to it ^^ Ganbatte!~ You are very beautiful and you can do it!~ o(^__^)o

    • says

      Thank you so so much for all your constructive and detailed comments Glow! I have to tell you that I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into the advice and your generosity in sharing. :) Will try to practice more of what you suggested in my next photoshoot ok! πŸ˜‰ Thanks again!

  6. says

    not the best but definitely better than me, i have no idea how to pose when there is someone taking my pictures (shy&no idea how to make myself look nice in pictures).. i like pic6 the most though.

  7. says

    whooots! pretty! i like girl in singlet! it could easily show your nice body shape! =D
    btw all ur photos are very cool! haha you purposely make it in a cool post? =p anyway keep it up ya! =D

  8. says

    You actually look ok in those serious shots but I guess your mouth wasn’t close smoothly? Can see creases on your upper lip.

    I really love seeing you when you smile. Remember the first time we met in Starbucks? I said I can’t keep my eyes off your smile? That’s your killer point, make full use of it πŸ˜€

  9. says

    I loved No:3 which has some depth and with a Monalisa Smile (between existing and nonexisting)
    Also is your 2nd toe longer than the big toe which means you are dominant over your husband:))?

    By the way i am your fan from Turkey (currently in Usa) hope to see your Turkey Escapade soon:)

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