3 Little Pigs at The Hungry Hog

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Pork burger lovers, rejoice! With the popularity of pork burgers gaining, there are more restaurants now offering pork burgers as their signature items. One of such is The Hungry Hog, aptly named so for offering pork items as their signature dishes. It was technically our second visit to the place, because the first time we were there was a Monday, and it’s closed on Mondays! Never make the same mistake again my friends. We persevered and returned on another day, this time complete with reservations.

Hungry Hog

Three Little Pigs

The dinner which was supposed to be a replacement from the one on Monday, was skilfully arranged into a surprise celebration for Eric‘s birthday. Yes, he was the one who suggested the place and time, but he wasn’t aware that we had a surprise in store. :) Since the party had not arrived yet, we ordered some Chunky Fries to munch. They were served fresh off the fryer, still crispy and hot inside. But we ended up regretting ordering this, because our burgers later on were served with so much fries that we couldn’t finish them!

Hungry Hog

Chunky Fries (RM4.90)

We also ordered the Siew Yuk to share – 2 slabs of BBQ pork served with this spicy and soury sauce that went well with the meat. The pork slices were made up of 3-layered meat, a slice of crispy skin, a slice of fat and a slice of lean meat sandwiched into one. My favourite part was the crispy skin, so I loved eating the edges of the meat!

Hungry Hog

Siew Yuk / Roasted Pork (RM11.90)

Hungry Hog

The multi-layered pieces of meat

The Keropork (yes no typo there) was probably coined from ‘Keropok‘, which is a Malay term that meant crackers. These cracker-like snack was made from pork skin and was deep fried to crispy perfection. However, having a piece or two of this would suffice, since it’s loaded with lard. This is definitely meant for sharing!

Hungry Hog

Keropork (RM5.90)

We have heard so much about the pork burger here, so we couldn’t resist from ordering the 3 Little Pigs, their signature burger. It was cutely named so due to the three forms of pork sandwiched within the buns – pork patty, pork bacon and ham! Let’s not forget the melting cheese on top, giving it a nice savoury and creamy texture in addition to the juicy pork patty. My initial response to the burger was, it’s not that big! But lo and behold, never judge the book by its cover. It could be the thick pork patty, or it could be the creamy cheese, but by the time I finished the burger, I was so full I couldn’t finish my fries. It’s probably one of the best value pork burgers around town. :)

Hungry Hog

3 Little Pigs (RM15.90)

Hungry Hog

Combination of pork patty, pork bacon and ham

Since we went nearing the Chinese New Year season, there was a special Porksperity Burger on offer. Being festive, Saucer ordered this to try out. It’s a glorious combination of runny egg on top of melting cheese, grilled pork patty, yuk kon (dried meat) and plum sauce. What a clever fusion of east and west, don’t you think? I had a few bites of it and thought the addition of ‘yuk kon’ made the burger that much more delicious. I wish they would make this a permanent item on the menu, because I definitely want to go back and try it again. :)

Hungry Hog

Porksperity Burger (RM22.80)

Hungry Hog

Fried egg, cheese, pork patty and dried meat (yuk kon)

Hungry Hog

The melting egg and cheese

Hungry Hog

Savoury and juicy

Last but not least, a surprise for the birthday boy! We bought a cake and presented it to him towards the end of the dinner, much to his amusement. Happy 25th Birthday! :)

Hungry Hog

Birthday boy

Hungry Hog

Moist Chocolate sponge cake

Aside from the amazing company that night (we talked and talked until the restaurant’s closing time!), I have to say I really enjoyed the pork burgers at The Hungry Hog. If only they have more branches nearer to my place, I’d definitely visit it more often. :) Here’s to a Porky Chinese New Year!

Hungry Hog

The Hungry Hog

The Hungry Hog
71, Jalan SS15/4C,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No: +6012 – 225 0877
E-mail: thehungryhog@gmail.com
Business Hours: 12.00 to 2.30pm, 6.00 to 10.00pm (closed on Mondays)
Website: www.hog.my

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  1. says

    fuyoh!! don’t come and show me all these pork burgers and siu yuk!! i will faint because i’m too in love with them!! especially that porksperity with egg and yuk gon!! i just have to say it’s so D*MNilicious~~

    ooopsss, sorry!! too excited till i almost forgotten to wish Eric a belated happy birthday πŸ˜€

  2. says

    I’m already fat, but living in Malaysia I would quickly cross 100 kg or worse :)
    Wonder how you guys can be so slim eating all these “bombs” πŸ˜‰
    Looks yummy nevertheless :)

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