Mystical Eve Countdown to 2012

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Remember the countdown party that I wrote about a couple of weeks before the year 2011 ended? Like you, I had my doubts about going to crowded places on New Year’s Eve, thinking that the traffic would be horrible, parking would be a mess and the sweaty crowd would be a turn-off. Still, judging from the stellar line-up of events in the Mystical Eve concert, I dragged Saucer to go along with me anyway, and boy was I impressed! We were there by 9pm on the eve and surprisingly the traffic was not bad at all – the best part was, we even managed to find a parking space really close to the venue. The night seemed to be starting off really well.

Mystical Eve

The crowd at Mystical Eve Encorp Strand

The Red Carpet Avenue at Encorp Strand was still a relatively new place to hang out, so most of the surrounding shops were new. While we were walking towards the venue, we could already hear the sounds of Mizz Nina singing ‘What you waiting for?’ from afar.

Mystical Eve

Little black dress


The massive crowd

Mystical Eve

Mizz Nina performing

In between performances, the two gorgeous hosts Julie Woon and Megan Tan were busy entertaining us, with highlights of the performances and even suggestions on where to have dinner.

Mystical Eve

The hosts Julie Woon and Megan Tan

After Mizz Nina’s rocking performance, it was Dennis Lau’s turn with his violin. However, before he began playing, he introduced his partner-in-crime for the night – Shawn Lee the Beatboxer. It was the first time I watched Shawn Lee performing live and I was blown away by his beatboxing talent. Who could have known that such sound effects could come from the mouth? You have to watch the video below to know what I mean! Bear in mind there were no other musical equipment used in the performance, only a violin. So whatever sound effects that you hear (resembling drums especially), were all from Shawn Lee. It was also coincidentally my favourite performance of the night. :)

Dennis Lau and Shawn Lee

Mystical Eve

Dennis Lau the violinist

Mystical Eve

Shawn Lee the Beatboxer

After the concert, there were various performances by the aerial acrobats, doing their stunts high up in the air. It was quite amazing watching how they balanced themselves and hung on to dear life by just clinging on a piece of cloth.

Mystical Eve

Aerialists doing their stunts

Mystical Eve

Hanging in the air

There was also an Illuminating Laserman show towards the later part of the night, another performance that managed to wow the crowd.


Illuminating Laser man show

Of course, all these performances and shows wouldn’t mean as much if we didn’t celebrate the countdown with dear friends. I attended the event with a group of gorgeous bloggers from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers, where we were showered with plenty of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve – a special drink that’s befitting the last day of 2011.


with the gorgeous bloggers from MHB


Bottles of Johnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

What’s more? The sweet couple Caroline and Eric who happened to be free that night also came to join us for the countdown. With free flow of beer, endless entertaining performances and wonderful company, we really could not have asked for a better countdown party. Some of the pictures I took with the bloggers that night:

Mystical Eve

with Caroline

Mystical Eve

Saucer and witch

Mystical Eve

with Mei Sze and Brigette


with Emma and Rachel


with Kim Ong who was back for holidays from Melbourne


The 5000-strong crowd

At the stroke of midnight, the skies directly above ENCORP Strand were filled with multi-coloured fireworks, to mark the inaugural launch of ENCORP Strand’s New Year Eve Countdown. It was definitely a night to remember!


Happy New Year 2012 at Red Carpet, Encorp Strand


Fireworks at the stroke of midnight

We left the venue by 1am and may I just add, traffic was kind to us too. :) Happy New Year 2012!

For more info on Red Carpet Avenue visit
For more info on Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, visit Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.

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    looks like quite the show! i managed to avoid the traffic and spent new year’s eve at a friend’s house gathering, phew! but we had no view of fireworks, heheh (though we could hear fireworks distantly in the background somewhere) 😀

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