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The thing about Chinese New Year dinners in nice restaurants/hotels is that they are mostly priced on the higher side, and not that affordable for young adults. Dining in hotel restaurants would cost easily more than RM1k++ per table, and they usually don’t have the option of doing it for less than 10 persons. Thankfully, we have Ben Tdi Wei to the rescue – the latest sister restaurant to Extra Super Tanker, this place offers affordable dining and delicious dishes without breaking a hole in the pocket!

Ben Tdi Wei

All natural ingredients

We were there to sample their Chinese New Year menu last week, and to say that we’re impressed would have been an understatement. Any Chinese New Year meal wouldn’t be complete without a serving of the Chinese Salad or Yee Sang. At BTW (Ben Tdi Wei), the ingredients of theirย Jelly Fish Yee Sang with Snow Pear were 100% natural with no colouring or preservatives, making it one of the healthiest yee sang I’ve eaten. So we tossed and tossed, for the bigger and better dragon year ahead.

Ben Tdi Wei

Jelly Fish Yee Sang with Snow Pear

Ben Tdi Wei

Tossing of yee sang – ‘lou sang’

Ben Tdi Wei

The aftermath

The yee sang was crunchy and refreshing, thanks to the generous amount of jelly fish and pear that made the combination palatable. Now that we’re done with the appetizer, the 8-course menu starts!

#1: BTW Two Combination

The BTW Two Combination that we had that day was a mixture of crispy bean curd with water chestnut and fish paste wrapped in pork bacon blanket. I thought the deep-fried bean curd was quite a brilliant combination of textures – crispy on the outside, soft and wobbly inside with bits of chunky water chestnut. The fish paste wrapped in pork bacon looked like sausages, and were pretty bouncy and succulent. On its own, it’s savoury, but glazed with sweet and sour sauce, it’s a complete dish set to tease your taste buds.

Ben Tdi Wei

BTW Two Combination – crispy bean curd with water chestnut

Ben Tdi Wei

BTW Two Combination – Fish paste wrapped in pork bacon

#2: Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Wild Ginseng and Dry Scallop

The second dish was chicken soup with wild ginseng and dry scallop, an utterly comforting bowl of soup which was full of flavours! I loved that the chicken was soft and tender (and the fact that I had chicken thigh meat helped! :P), and the scallop plump and flavourful. Every slurp tasted like soup from home, and might I say the portion was pretty hefty too. I was half-full by the time I was done with it.

Ben Tdi Wei

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Wild Ginseng and Dry Scallop

#3: Fried Red Snapper Roll with Spicy Salad Sauce

The next dish was not only a treat to the palate, but an eye candy too. The deep fried red snapper was served in rolls like sausages instead of the conventional way of serving it as a whole fish. These ‘sausages’ were made from mackerel fish paste and wrapped with snapper before being deep-fried. Hence, each bite into the fish roll revealed bouncy meat buried within flaky crispy snapper. Finish it off with little balls of watermelon or honey dew which were all sweet!

Ben Tdi Wei

Fried Red Snapper Roll with Spicy Salad Sauce

Ben Tdi Wei

The fish rolls

#4: Braised (10 head) Abalone with Mushroom and Beancurd

The next dish was an impressive serving of 10-head abalone with mushroom and beancurd. Just look at the huge size of abalone! ’10-head abalone’ actually refers to the weight of the abalone, whereby 10 pieces of it make up 600 grams. In other words, the small the number is, the bigger the size of the abalone would be. Needless to say, we all enjoyed the bouncy and juicy abalones very much, but not to forget the other star of the dish – the beancurd! This was not just any other beancurd, this was freshly homemade and was superbly smooth and soft, I could go on and on gulping them down.

Ben Tdi Wei

Braised (10 head) Abalone with Mushroom and Beancurd

#5: Double Boiled Kampung Chicken with Lotus Seed & Chinese Wine

Saucer rarely raves about dishes so whenever he does so, I would take special note because it really doesn’t happen often! ๐Ÿ˜› That day, the one dish that he showered with compliments was the double boiled kampung chicken. Served in a huge bamboo basket, the chicken was simmered and boiled until fall-off-the-bone tender, yet managed to maintain its flavours. The combination of lotus seed, wolfberries and red dates made the thick broth sweet, hearty and good. I guess it was in Saucer’s good books because it’s healthy too. :)

Ben Tdi Wei

Double Boiled Kampung Chicken with Lotus Seed & Chinese Wine

#6: Stir Fried “Kai Lan” with Choy Po

After so many dishes of meat, we had a dish of greens – the stir fried kailan on its own was nothing special, but top it with ‘choy po’ or preserved mustard and it made all the difference. The ‘choy po’ was crunchy and savoury, lending a nice twist to the otherwise plain vegetables.

Ben Tdi Wei

Stir Fried “Kai La” with Choy Po

#7: Fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat

By course #7, if you are still not full, then it’s time to stuff yourself with this delicious fried glutinous rice with waxed meat. Even though glutinous rice was used, it was nothing like those sticky, clumpy rice that we were expecting. Instead, this was perfectly fried with each morsel evenly coated, fluffy and brilliantly tasty. Even though I was already full to the brim, I couldn’t stop myself from finishing one bowl of it. :)

Ben Tdi Wei

Fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat

#8: Sweet Red Bean Paste with Lily Bulb

Last but not least, to end the satisfying meal on a sweet note, we had red bean paste with lily bulb. Nothing too fancy here, just pure, smooth red bean without being excessively sweet that had us rubbing our tummy by the end of it. We were satiated to say the least.

Ben Tdi Wei

Sweet Red Bean Paste with Lily Bulb

We were given a special treat that day too – a dessert that’s not on the menu yet – Chrysanthemum and wolfberry jelly on one plate, and Tofu jelly on another. Both were served chilled, making them ideal if you are having the meal during lunch.

Ben Tdi Wei

Chrysanthemum and wolfberry jelly

Ben Tdi Wei

Tofu jelly in gula melaka – refreshing!

Well, what can I say? It was one of the most satisfying meals that I’ve had in a while, no-frills dishes that were good and generously portioned, served in a comfortable environment without burning a hole in the pocket. So how much does a meal like this cost for the upcoming Chinese New Year? The good news is, there’s a menu for 6 pax that starts from RM338+ to RM478+ and a menu for 10 pax that starts from RM598+ to RM788+. This means about RM60+ per pax for a sumptuous 8-course menu with yee sang in a pleasant environment. But bear in mind though, this restaurant is relatively small so reservations would be highly recommended.

Ben Tdi Wei

Comfortable dining environment

Ben Tdi Wei

Ben Tdi Wei at Centre Point, BU

Ben Tdi Wei / Local Delights Restaurant (next to KFC)
Lot G1 & G2, Ground Floor Centre Point,
3 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel. No.: +603-7727 7733 / 7727 1811
Fax No.: +603-7725 3200

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  1. says

    ya, i’m skipping all the hotel outlets for chinese new year dinners this year too, cos the prices & options are just too hefty! but hurray for places like ben tdi wei, which help us keep both our wallets and stomachs full! the kampung chicken looks very yummy, i think i’d agree with saucer! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. says

    wow, looks like you are going to lou sang from today till the end of CNY?? haha.. err, not really affordable i think but of course if compared to hotel sure this must be cheaper.. anyway, i love the crispy bean curd with water chestnut, can already imagine the crispiness inside my mouth~~ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. says

    The food look good and yes, definitely cheaper than hotels! Good thing Extra Super Tanker comes out with a cheaper more affordable restaurant, cos dining at Super Tanker is so expensive!

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