It’s Not Nasi Lemak without Sambal

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I’m finally BACK! It’s amazing how time really flies when you’re having holidays, or fun! :) More posts on Bangkok coming up soon, but first, what’s the food that you miss the most whenever you travel abroad for a long period of time? For me, it’s without a doubt, Nasi Lemak! There’s just something about the coconut rice, the hot and spicy sambal and the fried anchovies that hold a special place dear to my heart. Recently, we tried out one of the latest nasi lemak place in town, aptly called Sambal. Located on the first floor of The Scott Garden, this place was relatively quiet when we went there on a Saturday morning.


I miss Nasi Lemak


Sambal – the place to be for Nasi Lemak

Located near the entrance of the shop was a counter filled with various curries and nasi lemak condiments. This was where the nasi lemak preparation took place. The restaurant was spacious and airy, with plenty of natural sunlight coming in from all corners. Once we got our table, we were handed a one-page menu and service was prompt.


Various curries


Kopi O (RM2)


Nescafe Ice (RM3.50)

Pretty soon, our order of Nasi Lemak Ayam (Nasi Lemak with fried chicken) arrived with piping hot coconut milk rice. It was served with a whole chicken thigh that was deep fried to a crispy finish and had that glorious glaze that would make anyone salivate. The chicken was well-marinated and had tender juicy meat, while the skin was delightfully crunchy and savoury. Thankfully, the chicken was not overly oily too, so I had quite a fair bit of the skin. :)


Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM12)

We also ordered another serving of Nasi Lemak Egg, which came with the basic condiments except for the fried chicken. Served with a huge portion of coconut milk rice, the sambal packed a punch! Looks can be deceiving and in this case, the sambal was much spicier than it looked. I was quite impressed with the level of spiciness of it and couldn’t help but downing spoon after spoon of the fragrant rice. Speaking of the rice, did I mention how fluffy and fragrant it was? Every morsel was light, warm and filled with the pleasant aroma of coconut milk, but not too much that it became sticky. No, this was just right by my books.


Nasi Lemak Egg (RM6)


The very spicy sambal


Absolutely fluffy and fragrant coconut milk rice

With a comfortable air-conditioned environment and a bright and spacious restaurant, I definitely enjoyed my brunch on that Saturday morning. Might I also add that the portion of the rice was quite generous, such that I did not feel hungry until past dinner time. Feels so good to finally have your cravings satisfied, don’t you agree? 😉


Comfortable dining environment at Sambal


Sambal Restaurant

1-12 & 1-13, The Scott Garden,
Kompleks Rimbun Scott,
289, Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No.: +603-7987 7101

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  1. says

    nasi lemak is definitely something that i would miss if i’m away from home too long.. simple nasi lemak biasa can already spice up a great breakfast.. :)

  2. says

    Finally a shop that lives up to its name eh?
    When’s im overseas, strangely enough I crave roti telur and nasi lemak, though I dont eat them often!

  3. says

    I think Nasi Lemak can only really be found in Malaysia! I’ve had in Thailand, Philippines and now in Nepal. Not one even comes close to Malaysia’s version!

  4. says

    Malaysian food is the best Asian food! Fragrant and delicate flavours that delight my senses. That sambal my be a bit too hot for me though!

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