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In a couple of hours, Christmas would be over, and we’d be looking forward to the New Year! How time flies when one is having fun, yes? :) How was your Christmas celebration? Saucer and I went shopping on Christmas day morning (!!) to buy ingredients for dinner. By the time we were done, it was already 4pm and we’re exhausted! Tired as I was, I persevered, for I had plenty to cook on the menu! 😛 Luckily everything went well and after 2.5 hours of cooking, dinner of pumpkin soup, salad with bacon and pork sausages, aglio olio spaghetti with salmon, shrimp and squid ring, and dessert of chocolate cake was ready! Unfortunately, in the midst of all the cooking, I was too exhausted and forgot to snap pictures of the food, except for the chocolate cake. 😀


My homemade chocolate cake

That aside, I was looking back at my old pictures recently and I realized that in most of the pictures, I was wearing shorts! I guess shorts are ever so versatile, so comfortable and so cooling in the hot tropical weather of our country. However, one thing about wearing shorts is when that time of the month is here, I’d feel extremely self-conscious with my bulky sanitary pads. It gets worse when I have to go for photo shoot that requires me to wear short skirt! I have to be very careful with my posing to make sure that my pad is not obvious to the camera. That is when I would wish for sanitary pads that are thinner, insignificant if possible, without losing its absorbency.

Aman Rimba-32

Wearing shorts is my favourite past time :)


Photo shoot with short skirt

Elegant Walk

 Getting ready for catwalk class

When I found out about Laurier Slimguard available in the market, I was too excited for words! Finally, there’s someone out there who understands our agony – 1mm ultra-absorbent sanitary pads that promise to be dry and comfortable. I got 2 types to try out – the Laurier Super Slimguard Day 22.5cm and Laurier Super Slimguard Night 30cm.


The new Laurier Super Slimguard series sanitary pads


Laurier Super Slimguard Day 22.5cm


Laurier Super Slimguard Night 30cm

The first thing I did? I took out a pack and compared it with my existing pad, from an older series of Laurier. The difference was so significant! The Slimguard was really slim and thin, only 1mm thick according to the specification, but with 200x absorbency.


Super Slimguard on the left and normal on the right


Look at the difference in thickness

It’s common to have heavy flow on the first 2 days, so I tried the Super Slimguard Night series, which is a massive 30cm long. I used to have this phobia of staining my bed sheets whenever I have period such that I end up not sleeping well at night. But with such long and protective pad, I could sleep however I want without worrying about leakage especially from the back! What I love about the night pad was the adhesive that they provide on the 2 mini wings on the back, something that I don’t see from other brands. Most of the time, these 2 mini wings could easily go out of place especially with active movements but with the adhesives in place, the pad would stay put no matter how active we are.


Super Slimguard Night extra long at 30cm


Notice the adhesives on the back wings

Apart from the superb long pads, I saw great improvement in their surface too. The pad is now reinforced with Quick Dry Mesh Surface which guarantees absolute dryness without the stuffy feeling. I have tried Slimguard for a few days now and I am proud to announce that I now don’t have to worry about sleeping even on white bed sheets. :) It’s an amazing feeling, almost liberated! Try it and tell me if I’m wrong.


Quick Dry Mesh surface for a dry and comfortable feeling

Laurier Super Slimguard has changed the way I sleep during that time of the month, and given me the freedom to wear short pants and skirts whenever I want to. It’s true. :)


Laurier Super Slimguard has changed my life

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    Wah! Cooked until so tired… Sure hubby sayang plus-plus like that! 😉 He also did not take any photos kah? Must be so delicious…he could not wait to eat.

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