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Have you been wondering if I am still attending my modeling classes at Amber Chia Academy? Well the truth is I have completed the Modeling Advanced Catwalk Course a couple of months ago and have just started the Modeling Advanced Photo & Video last week, a signature course taught by Amber Chia herself. But before we move on to the new course, I would like to share with you what we have learnt on our final class at catwalk! We were all asked to tie our hair up into a bun and apply smoky eyes make up before coming to class, with bright chilli red lipstick! I have always thought lipstick application is the simplest process of the makeup but when it comes to chilli red lipstick, it could be quite challenging! Every minor flaw drawn with the lipstick becomes very obvious because of its bright colour. We need very steady hands. This was how we all looked like for the class. :)

Couples Modeling


Couples Modeling


Couples Modeling

Chilli red lips!

During class, we were taught on how to walk as a group – be it a couple or in a group of 3 or more models. We started with modeling as a couple in casual catwalk, and the choreography was quite straightforward – the couple was to meet at the beginning of the runway, walk to the end together and return to the starting point. Then the female model would do a solo catwalk while the male model waited for his turn and do his solo afterwards. To get a better picture, watch the first video below by 2 of my classmates.

Couples Modeling

 Getting ready for couple catwalk

Casual Catwalk by a couple

After the Casual catwalk, we were asked to put on the gowns and do a catwalk Elegant/Bridal style. The first time I did it, I actually forgot to maneuver my can can gown at the end of the runway, therefore  almost stepping into my tail when I turned around. *gasp* I guess I was concentrating too much on synchronizing with my partner that I forgot about the basic steps. But of course, we learn from mistakes and I never forgot to turn my dress now whenever I walk in can can gown. :) Watch the second video below to see us modeling as if it’s a bridal show. My part is towards the end, so be patient! 😉

Couples Modeling

Elegant catwalk in a couple formation

Elegant/Bridal Catwalk

What do you think of my catwalk? Is it much better than the first time? I certainly hope so! Well the experience was fun especially when we saw how the guys were trying to avoid stepping on the tail of our dresses many times (but failed!) at first. Then, with more practice, we started to understand each other more through body language and our synchronization became better. That’s the most important thing we learn from group modeling – communication through body language, because there was no way we could talk or even make signals while walking in front of the audience. 😀

Couples Modeling

with the students and model Kelly Jagan

Note: This is Part 10 of a series of Advanced Modeling Catwalk course at Amber Chia Academy. Check out the remaining series here.

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    wow, that’s a really bold lipstick color! anyways, looking forward to reading about your further escapades in the other advanced class! and a lot more great photos & videos too, based on the name of that new course 😀

  2. says

    I just bought a Chilli Red lipstick from MAC. Love it!
    But I have not try the smokey eyes with chilli red lipstick though. I think I will scare people off.

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