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Lovely morning on a Saturday? What are you doing for the weekend? If you’re free, do drop by Jaya One and support this amazing campaign called Don’t Duck It by Passionately You, a voluntary collaboration between Assunta Hospital, Asia Assistance, Jaya One and Pj Live Arts founded to encourage the community to support the cause for cervical and breast cancer awareness and early detection.


Don’t Duck It Party at Palm Square, Jaya One

To kick start the party, they have DJ quizzes and game stalls. For the ladies, there will also be FREE breast examination and on-site vaccination at a special promo price throughout the day. Both activities will be conducted by the professionals of Assunta Hospital. If you’ve always been shy to learn about breast examination, this is the perfect time to come and find out more. After all, you won’t be alone! :)


Don’t Duck Breast / Cervical Examination!

To have a better idea, here is the itinerary of what will be in store for the whole day on 22nd of October 2011. Best of all, entrance is FREE.



Not to forget, there is also a flash mob happening at Don’t Duck It Party. Check out the very informative video below and look out for hints at the end to find out what time it’s happening. 😉 If you can, learn the moves before you go so that you can be part of the fun!

Flash mob tutorial

For more information, check out and pledge your awareness!


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  1. says

    Assunta? Stayed there once…when I went to Sunway Lagoon, slipped on the slippery tiled stairs, sat down…and my elbow hit the upper step…and my arm (bone) broke into two!!! The compensation: 10 free entrance tickets – I would not want to go there ever again! Tsk! Tsk!

  2. says

    Me and my wife are so there! I think this campaign is a fantastic Idea, My wife beat breast cancer 2 years ago thanks to a very similar campaign as this, It’s gunna be fun!

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