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Having worked in Penang before for close to 5 years, seafood was always an abundance. There were plenty of restaurants in Penang serving fresh and reasonably priced seafood, and most of them even came with a sea view! But after moving to the bustling metropolitan that is KL, having fresh seafood with a sea view has been a rare occasion, unless we drive all the way to Kuala Selangor. Thanks to my dear friends Eric and Caroline, we were brought to this place about 30 minutes drive away with fresh seafood and an amazing river view. Cape 9 is probably only known to the older generation foodies who seem to remember obscure restaurants by heart instead of relying on the GPS. We were there just before the sun set, and were treated to a calming and serene view of the colourful sky.


View of the sunset by the river

We also spotted a boat docking just in front of the restaurant, wondering if that’s the fishing boat they used to get their fresh seafood supply.


The sight of a fishing boat?

Without further ado, we ordered away, starting with some carb-laden dishes to accompany our seafood dinner. To be honest, the Fried Vermicelli (Meehoon) did not look very appealing when it was served on the table. Thankfully, what it lacked in presentation was more than made up for in its taste. What I loved the most about this plate of noodles was how it could be so tasty and yet not oily. It was fried with good skill, each strand evenly coated and no clumpy sight of noodles to be found. Of course, I wouldn’t discount the fact that being the first dish on a table in front of a group of famished people, food usually would taste just a little better. :)


Fried Meehoon (RM10)

Another variety of the noodles was Fried Vermicelli with Clams (Lala). This plate appeared to have a darker hue, and had the additional seafood fragrance that was absent from the first dish. Don’t expect to find large sizable clams though, for I could barely spot them myself. But you could tell that they’re there from the taste, with the distinctive aroma of clams infused into the noodles. Well done!


Fried Meehoon with Clams / Lala (RM10)

Instead of ordering the typical deep fried squid rings, we had the Nyonya Squid. This was cooked with such a flavourful gravy that would have been perfect with rice. It was a combination of sour and spicy that mixed with the natural sweetness from the fresh squid that made the whole ensemble work. It helped too, that the squid was so chewy and bouncy!


Nyonya Squid (RM18)

The Salted Egg Prawns came with huge pieces of prawns, generously coated with salted egg. Now, many people dislike to de-shell prawns, finding it to be a messy chore. But to me, that’s where the best flavour is – the shell! I love sucking the salted egg from the shell and inhaling the absolutely glorious aroma at the same time. What I usually do is to lick the shells clean first before peeling them off, and then enjoy the succulent flesh within. Really, half the fun of eating prawns lies in sucking the shells – trust me! :)


Salted Egg Prawns (RM35)

For something a little mild in flavour, we had Steamed Clams, which came complete with fire underneath. The clams were cooked in a gingery broth which was naturally flavoured by the sweetness of the seafood itself. Topped with some fried garlic, this simple dish served to be sort of a neutralizer in the midst of all our heavily flavoured courses.


Steamed Clams (RM20)


Clams topped with ginger and garlic

Last but not least, how could we miss out on ordering crabs? We chose the Kam Heong Crabs which were cooked with dried shrimps, curry leaves, shallots, garlic and curry powder, giving them an almost unmistakable aroma that would make even the fullest person salivate. Oh yes, it tasted as good as it smelled. Again, if you want to savour the best of the crabs, suck and lick the shells clean before de-shelling them. Half of the goodness of the crabs lie on the shell. :) You’ll also be glad to know that the flesh within was succulent and sweet, just how fresh seafood is meant to be.


Kam Heong Crabs (RM51)

The bill came to RM148 for the 6 of us, which was pretty reasonable considering we were all stuffed with delicious and fresh seafood.


The bill for 6 of us


Clean dining environment

If you plan to visit this place, I’d suggest you to start driving by 6pm so that you can reach there in time to watch the sun setting beyond the river. It’s indeed a calming sight to behold, one especially rare if you live in the city like me.


Say goodbye to the sun


Cape 9 Seafood Restaurant

Getting here could be quite tricky if you’re not familiar with the area, and the coordinates below serves as a rough estimate based on what we see on Google Maps. Proceed with caution, and if all else fails, call the number below for rescue.:)

Cape 9 Seafood Restaurant
Lot 8620, Jalan Banting,
Kampung Air Hitam,
41200 Klang,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No: +6010-200 8003 / +6017-225 5686
GPS Coordinates (Approximate): 2.960613,101.452038

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  1. says

    oh, i think this is the third time i read about this.. first from carol, second from panda who just love the sambal squid so much after tasting that.. but then i really want to stress how much i love those fried beehoon and the clams, ooopss, maybe i am such a “lala” lover?? hehe~~ ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. says

    gosh, i think i’d need GPS in order to locate this place! i’m quite impressed by the look of the clams … so much nicer than the small, shriveled ones we find elsewhere ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. says

    This eatery is just near home, but I always chose to go to my usual seafood haunts. I’m totally not adventurous right. Only knew that this place served good food when Caroline told me. Must visit this place asap since you’ve also given your thumbs up! Thanks :(

  4. says

    Knew of this place since it is located only a few minutes drive from my home, but was never adventurous enough to venture and give it a try, since i have a few fav seafood haunts in Port Klang.

    Thanks to yourself and Caroline, I will definitely go try very soon. ^^

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