Double Celebration at Jade Pot Steamboat

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Ever since last year, my fellow Twitter friends and I would gather to have a Moon cake Tweetup to share the joy of eating moon cakes. Each of us would bring one moon cake of any variety, and it would then be cut and shared with the rest such that each of us could have a piece of all the moon cakes brought. This year, it was made even more special because we decided to throw a surprise birthday celebration for Saucer. He, of course, had no idea about it because we only brought out the cake at the end of the dinner.

Jade Pot Steamboat

Variety of raw food for steamboat

Last week, we had the gathering at Jade Pot Steamboat restaurant after hearing so many recommendations about it. What I love about Jade Pot is the ample parking space in the basement that is free. Besides, the environment of the restaurant was comfortable, air-conditioned and not very smoky.

Jade Pot Steamboat

Complete utensils for steamboat

We opted for 2 sets of the set menu for 4 persons at RM89.90 since there were 8 of us. The first dish that came was also the only cooked dish in the set – deep-fried dumplings filled with minced meat and shrimps. These were gobbled up in a jiffy due to our hungry stomachs while waiting for the soup to boil.

Jade Pot Steamboat

Deep-fried dumplings

The set came with many other raw items as well including fresh prawns, fish balls, sotong balls, pork slices, mushrooms, squid, stuffed bean curd, noodles and eggs. There were a few choices of soups available, namely ABC, Fish head with Yam or Tom Yam. Each table was only allowed one choice of soup but an additional choice could be added with a charge of RM8. We chose the Tom Yam soup and Fish Head with Yam – best decision ever! :) The tom yam was hot, sour and spicy even on its own. Definitely the best tom yam soup ever tasted for a steamboat base. The fish head with yam soup did not fall short too, it was flavourful and aromatic, with a generous amount of fish head within. I could go on and on just drinking the soups alone.

Jade Pot Steamboat

Tom Yam and Fish Head with Yam soups

Jade Pot Steamboat

Deep fried beancurd skin

What we enjoyed the most were the fish balls made from fresh and translucent fish meat. They were bouncy, firm and smooth, unlike the pre-made fish balls that we usually get from most steamboat restaurants.

Jade Pot Steamboat

Fresh fish balls

Jade Pot Steamboat

Stuffed bean curd

Jade Pot Steamboat

Sotong balls

Another of my favourite was the ‘sui kow’ or dumplings filled with minced meat and shrimps. Dump them into the boiling hot soup for a minute or two and they would turn out to be succulent, juicy and flavourful. Too bad we were only allocated one piece each.

Jade Pot Steamboat

Raw dumplings

Jade Pot Steamboat

Squid, mushrooms and pork slices

Jade Pot Steamboat

Eggs, noodles and vegetables

To be honest, comparing this set with steamboat buffet that is so commonly found nowadays would make it seem like very little food. Obviously, this is the case of quality vs. quantity. At Jade Pot, even though the quantity was limited, all the raw food used were fresh, and most importantly, their soups were extremely delicious.

Jade Pot Steamboat


Jade Pot Steamboat

Pork slices

Jade Pot Steamboat

Various types of sauces

At the end of the meal, I couldn’t stop myself from slurping their delicious tom yam soup. I assure you it is pretty addictive!

Jade Pot Steamboat

Free refills

Jade Pot Steamboat

Boiling pot of goodness

It was such an enjoyable and satisfying meal, not to mention the amazing company that made the night so much more fun! We were also there to celebrate Saucer’s birthday, so I reserved a Durian Cheesecake from PJ Hilton, which was collected discreetly with Caroline‘s help so as not to raise suspicion to Saucer.

Jade Pot Steamboat

Durian Cheesecake

Jade Pot Steamboat

The happy birthday boy

The durian cheesecake was coincidentally the cake of the month at PJ Hilton, so it was a steal at only RM35nett! And it was sinfully good! We had nods of approval from everyone at the table, including those who didn’t even like durian. :) The cheese was so fluffy, smooth and fragrant with durian. The whole cake was polished by the 8 of us!

Jade Pot Steamboat

Fluffy durian cheese cake

Of course, how could we forget the other purpose of the dinner? Each of us brought out our moon cake and cut it into 8 pieces. Since we were too full to stomach the moon cakes, we each took a small piece of all the moon cakes and packed them home.

Jade Pot Steamboat

Variety of moon cakes


Funny Group picture!

At the end of the evening, all of us left with happy smiles and heavier tummies, but it was all so worth it. So here’s wishing everyone a belated Happy Moon Cake Festival and Happy Birthday to dear Saucer! :)

P/S: A few of us felt thirsty after dinner though, perhaps a sign of MSG?

Jade Pot Dim Sum & Steamboat Restaurant (opposite Pearl International Hotel)
No. 413, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel No: +603-7987 9918
Opening Hours: Daily (11:00 am – 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm)
Facebook page

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  1. says

    happy birthday to saucer!! wow, really a good one to be able to blow candles on the cake and in the lantern, and also able to savor two types of cake.. the steamboat looks good also, nice getting everyone together and sit around that pot~~ :p

  2. says

    A happy birthday to the happy boy. :)
    The name sounds familiar, though I cannot recall I saw this opposite of the hotel on OKR.
    Been ages since we met huh?

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