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It’s been a long time since I last had my dose of dim sum, the dainty, bite-sized Chinese food that is usually taken during breakfast. Well, times have changed now, and many restaurants are offering dim sum from morning til night, providing a constant supply to satisfy one’s cravings should it occur any time of the day. And so fate had it that we were at Jade Pot Dim Sum Restaurant one day to satisfy our dim sum craving during lunch. Located along a busy road, I was glad to know that this restaurant is a whole bungalow on its own, with a compound for free car park.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Dim Sum menu

Once we’re seated, we’re given a 2-page menu printed on a piece of laminated cardboard, with pictures of the dim sum available. A piece of order chit was provided as well, for us to tick the items desired. I liked their ordering system since it’s easy, straightforward and ensures dim sum are prepared only upon order.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Table settings

We went a little overboard with the ordering, placing a tick next to almost half the items on the menu. Steamers upon steamers of dim sum were served after about 10 minutes of waiting. Well to make life easy, I’m going to rate the dim sum from Good to Mediocre to Poor, according to my humble opinion.


I LOVED the Pan-fried Radish Cake! This was served piping hot with extremely crispy edges and a soft interior. Be careful not to burn your tongue with this. The trick is to cut and split it into quarters, letting them cool down for a while, before dipping it into chilli sauce and sinking your teeth into the crispy exterior. The good news is, it’s not even very oily. My favourite pick from the restaurant. :)

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Pan-Fried Radish Cake (RM4.80)

The Siew Mai or Pork Dumplings came in rather sizable portion, with each piece large enough to require at least 2 bites. It was packed with a mixture of pork and shrimp meat, making it a savoury yet succulent package. My only gripe was that they could have been steamed a little too long, as the discoloured tobiko showed.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Siew Mai / Pork dumplings (RM6.80)

I have always been a fan of ribs, especially pork ribs. So when I saw Fried Spare Ribs with Fermented Beancurd on the menu, I just couldn’t resist from ordering a portion. This was also served fresh from the kitchen, burning hot and so fragrant! The taste of fermented beancurd was apparent, as well as the juiciness of the pork meat. Yum!

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Fried Spare Ribs with Fermented Beancurd (RM8.80)

We ordered a plate of Oyster Sauce Choy Sum to balance out our meat- and cholesterol-laden meal. Thankfully, the vegetables were young and tender, with a generous amount of oyster sauce on top. This was as good as boiled vegetables can be.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Oyster Sauce Choy Sum (RM6.80)

The Jade Pot Egg Tarts were not the best I’ve had but they’re decent enough. Flaky pastry and warm egg custard, they hit all the right spots. :)

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Jade Pot Egg Tarts (RM4.80)


Now for some items which I thought needed improvement, starting with Har Kow or Prawn Dumpling. Although the size of the dumpling was above average with a generous amount of prawns within, the skin of the dumpling left much to be desired. Almost half the dumplings had their skin stuck to the steamer, making it tear easily while spilling the contents out. Messy! The skin was soft and borderline mushy, so I did not bother eating it. I hope they’ll improve on this since the fillings were generous and good. Would be a pity if they didn’t.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Har Kow / Prawn dumplings

After the success of the pan-fried radish cake, I ordered the Stir-Fried Radish Cake, with high hopes. Alas, these were a little disappointing as they turned out to be lack of ‘wok hei’ or the heat of wok, and quite honestly, a little bland. Also, notice that the amount of bean sprouts on the plate was significantly higher than radish cakes.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Stir Fried Radish Cake (RM5.80)

Char Siu Pao / BBQ Pork Bun is my default order in any dim sum restaurant, hence I have pretty high standards for it. These were sadly below par, since I found the filling of BBQ pork to be populated with fatty bits of meat. I would really prefer chunkier and leaner meat in those fluffy buns.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Char Siu Pao / BBQ Pork Bun (RM4.80)

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Fatty bits of meat

When I saw cheese in the Prawn and Cheese Roll, I told myself I simply had to try this! These were pretty decent, although the amount of cheese used could be more generous. But I have to say their prawns were really succulent!

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Prawn and Cheese Roll (RM5.80)

Chee Cheong Fun, or Rice Noodle Roll is another specialty in dim sum restaurants. As opposed to some chee cheong fun which might not have fillings inside, this one had at least a small prawn in each piece. No worries about missing out! :)

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Fresh Prawn Rice Noodle Roll (RM5.80)

Chinese Herbal Jelly or Guai Lin Ko was not too bad, it had the intense flavour that was heightened with the addition of syrup on top. The syrup provided a nice and sweet beginning but once the jelly started to digest, there’s a slight bitter aftertaste, just how it should be.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Guai Lin Ko / Chinese Herbal Jelly (RM2.80)


Now I seldom classify food as poor, but the following dim sum dishes were just better left alone. The Steamed Beancurd Roll, for example, was clearly a case of over-steamed or overcooked. I’d like the beancurd roll to at least retain a slightly chewy bite to it after being steamed but these came out all soft and soggy.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Steamed Beancurd Roll (RM5.80)

The Cantonese Bamboo Rice was a variation of the ‘loh mai kai’ with a different shape. Even though they had the contents of a typical loh mai kai (mushroom, chinese sausage, chicken), the rice was a disappointment. We found the rice to be pretty hard especially on the outer layer. Almost as if it was left out in the open for long, causing the outer layer to be dry and hardened.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Cantonese Bamboo Rice (RM4.80)

The Dan Dan noodles looked pretty appealing on the menu, but what came was a small bowl of plain noodles with slightly spicy and savoury soup and nothing else.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Dan Dan Noodles (RM4.80)

Steamed Chicken Feet was way too soft and overloaded with salt and pepper. The taste was a tad overwhelming for me to handle.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Steamed Chicken Feet (RM4.80)

Last but not least, the Steamed Pork Spare Ribs was a huge disappointment. They were bland, overly soft, had more bones than meat and were overcooked.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Steamed Pork Spare Ribs (RM5.80)

While there were certainly some hits and misses with this dim sum restaurant, I’d have to give it plus points for the spacious and comfortable dining environment that is also rather quiet. This would be what I have in mind for a weekend breakfast session where I’d like to sit back and relax with free flow of hot Chinese tea and nibble on my food, instead of being stared by customers for hogging the table for too long.

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Dining environment at Jade Pot

Jade Pot Dim Sum

Jade Pot Dim Sum & Steamboat Restaurantย 

Jade Pot Dim Sum & Steamboat Restaurant (opposite Pearl International Hotel)
No. 413, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel No: +603-7987 9918
Opening Hours: Daily (11:00 am – 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm)
Facebook page

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  1. says

    I would love the ‘pai kuat’ with fermented bean curd paste. Dim sum is one of my favourite breakfast, but too costly to eat them frequently. hehe….

  2. says

    at first by just looking at those photos, i thot wow must be very nice, later when i read on your words, hahaha!! looks like nothing really worth mentioning since only three are good.. luckily my choice are all inside this category, the panfried carrot cake, the ribs and the egg tarts..

    • says

      Some were pretty good.. especially the pan fried radish cake. :) Maybe coz we went during lunch, some of the items I thought were a bit oversteamed ๐Ÿ˜› You should go in the morning and let me know your experience! :)

  3. says

    I AM DROOLING. Like, literally drooling at the food pics. And I just had lunch. Haha! I love dim sum with a passion and that looks super yummy!

  4. says

    whoa, the pan-fried radish cakes look excellent. the ones i usually find at many other places are too greasy, mushy and badly shaped! the ones here look like the total opposite! yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. says

    I love dim sum in restaurants…not so kasar as the coffee shop/roadside ones – look more elegant and taste nicer. These are expensive…and do not look so great. Don’t like siew mai skin that’s so yellow…

  6. says

    yeah.. have to admit their steamboat is way better than their dimsums. Have you tried their steamboat? We frequent this place and love their fish head + yam soup base ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. says

    Looks good but very pricey.. the strand of CCF is 5.80? i counted… there are only 6 pieces? very expensive.. but then fine dining is like that, right?

  8. says

    Great review! I totally agree, Har Kow to me is a very sensitive dish. Being from a Hong Kong background, this is pretty much one of the dishes you must order during dim sum. The skin definitely cannot be soggy, and at the same time cannot be too thick! It has to have just the right consistency between being QQ and chewy!

    Cheers! =)

  9. says

    but they only opens at 11.30am. will go to the earliest session.
    miss their steamboat a lot. esp the soup base. \on the pricier side but better quality of ingredients

    • says

      Oh yea, that’s true. Now it makes me wonder why some of the dim sum did not taste that fresh. :/ I want to try their steamboat too! So many people are giving them good comments ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. says

    The dim sum looks very good. I’ve only been there once for their hot pot, and it was very good. Love the yam based soup! The prawn and cheese roll caught my attention! I would order that too! =)

  11. says

    Their dim sum really pale in comparison to their steamboat. I am a fan of their steamboat but it is a big no no for me on their dim sum. Just had it last week and it was LOUSY.

  12. says

    My favorite are radish cake and egg tart especially when the egg tart are soft and warm. The only diwnside is I have to wake up early for dimsum. Great photos.

  13. says

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