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If you still remember a couple of weeks back, I did a post on Hotlink’s Prepaid Data Roaming contest – Bloggers without Borders, asking for your votes to send me to Philippines. Well, the contest officially ended last week and the traveling period was to be this week. Unfortunately, none of us in the Food category was able to make it for the trip in the specified duration. :( Therefore, I feel incredibly sorry and guilty that I’m making this apology video to those of you who have been so kind to vote for me.

Apology video – don’t laugh!

In case you don’t have access to YouTube, I’m going to summarize what I said in the video here: I made the video last week, and the trip was supposed to be this week but I was recently bombarded with work such that I couldn’t take a whole week off. :( However, I’m going to make it up to you guys by making sure that I go to Philippines somehow, using my own expense, hopefully by end of the year. Fair enough? ;)

Last but not least, please don’t be mad at me. :(

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