Garden Wedding at Passion Road

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One thing that we can never run away from as we grow older is – wedding invitations. It’s true. Once we are past early 20’s, wedding invites start to flow in, and we find ourselves having several invitations every year without fail. I’m not complaining though. I love attending wedding dinners – the ambience is so romantic, the decoration, the songs, the love in the air and the contented smile from the couple. All these happy vibes are bound to make one smile! :) Last week, I was invited to my friend, Kai’s wedding held at Passion Road, KL.

Kai Hannah

Red carpet entrance

Kai’s wife is a Canadian, so they’re looking at having a garden or outdoor type of wedding dinner instead of the traditional Chinese dinner in the restaurant. Having a garden wedding is definitely romantic but when you have it in Malaysia, the biggest concern everyone has is the weather, or more specifically the heat. Malaysia being a country with hot and humid weather all year long, having an entirely outdoor wedding dinner would not be possible, or at least, comfortable. Therefore, not many restaurants organize such a type of weddings, except for Passion Road, which has persevered and is going strong with their forte in providing a romantic outdoor wedding venue for newly-weds.

Kai Hannah

Romantic flower arrangement

Dinner was supposed to start at 7pm, but being Malaysians, the place was barely half-full at that time. The thoughtful Kai provided a cocktail area for guests to mingle around with free flow of drinks while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Kai Hannah

Free flow of cocktails and beer

It was my second time attending a wedding dinner at Passion Road, and the experience just got better. During my first visit there, our major complaint was that the venue was warm and stuffy, even though there were ceiling fans provided. This time around, they added more fans on the pillars, as well as several units of giant coolers surrounding the area. It was a very pleasant environment with plenty of air flow.

Kai Hannah

The wedding cup cakes

Kai Hannah

Champagne glass tower

As with most weddings, the theme was largely white, with a tinge of red. Very romantic.

Kai Hannah

Table settings #1

Kai Hannah

Table settings #2

I always loved the lighting and decoration at Passion Road – the chandeliers and warm orange lights set the right atmosphere and mood for not only the couple but the guests. <3

Kai Hannah

Warm lighting sets the environment

Kai Hannah

One of the many hanging lamps

Before long, we were seated at our respective tables, only to find a little surprise! Each of us had a little jar of candy! This Sticky Candy was customized with the bride and groom’s names, complete with a nice ribbon packaging. Love the wedding favour!

Kai Hannah

Sticky Candy as wedding favour

Kai Hannah

Kaisin & Hannah :)

Soon, the host informed us that the bride and groom were ready to march in, and all of us were asked to stand. Look at the radiant Hannah! It’s true that a girl is most beautiful on her wedding day! :)

Kai Hannah


Kai Hannah

Back view

One thing different this time compared to my previous dinner was the buffet-style food. If you ask me, buffet style dinners work best for a group of 100 or so guests, so that the queue for the buffet would never be too long. Plus, it’s perfect to give guests flexibility and saves time too. The good thing about buffet spread is that food is always warm, compared to sit-down dinner, where the food served would usually be cold. Also, who can forget the joy of having unlimited food? 😉 We certainly enjoyed ourselves that time, talking, drinking and eating to our heart’s content.

Kai Hannah

Some of the food from the buffet spread

Kai Hannah

The very delicious and thick mushroom soup

Throughout the dinner, we were entertained by a 3-piece band, who were really talented and could belt out Chinese and English songs.

Kai Hannah

3-piece band

Then, it was the customary toasting from the bride and groom with their family. Imagine the surprised look on Hannah’s family when we started screaming ‘Yam Seng!’. 😀

Kai Hannah

A toast to the bride and groom

Kai Hannah

Bride and groom giving their gratitude speeches

To add to the excitement of the night, Hannah and her sporting family gave us an impromptu performance on stage.

Kai Hannah

Surprise performance by the bride’s family

Before we left, we had to have a customary picture with the bride and groom. What a lovely couple they are. Here’s wishing them an eternity of happiness and joy.

Kai Hannah

Us with the love birds

This is for you, Kai and Hannah! Congratulations! :)

Passion Road
No.16, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603-2166 7111
Fax: +603-2166 0711
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  1. says

    Hi witch!!! How are you?

    Congratulations to the newlyweds!

    That’s true, as you age one of the invitations you’ll have to attend to are weddings and also reunions.

  2. says

    i haven’t attended any weddings at passion road, but i’ve been here for lunch a few times. and ya, i usually sit indoors, instead of outside at the garden, just to avoid the heat and humidity in the afternoon! 😀

  3. says

    ooh, they’re in yap kwan seng now. the last time i went they were still in damansara heights. (they as in passion road). lucky you, still at that age where attending weddings. this year i’ve given more pak kum than ang pows. hahaha, choi hor!

  4. says

    i like garden wedding theme, and so far only been to one.. congratulations to the newly wed couple.. maybe you can consider your anniversary party there?? haha.. 😀

  5. says

    U like attending wedding dinners? I hate attending them especially chinese wedding dinners! Cos they never start on time and I hate to wait! LOL!

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