An Unexpected Twist

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For those of you who have met me before, your first impression of me would be “You’re so tall!”. And you wouldn’t be the first. Ever since my teenage years, I have always been the tallest girl in the class. To be honest, I used to be ashamed of my height. Nobody really laughed or made fun of me in class, but I always felt different from the others, sticking out like a sore thumb. Whenever there were dance performances, as much as I wanted to take part, I couldn’t, because my extra height would make the dance formation look weird. During assembly, when we had to queue up at the hall, I always had to be the last one in line due to my height. Also, when we had dance balls during secondary school, no guys would ask me to dance because really, they’d look like midgets next to me.

Thankfully, when I started going to university, I got to know more people from different parts of the country, and I was told over and over again that my height was perfect to be a model. Back then, I always thought that models had to be super skinny, beautiful and had lots of fashion sense, all of which I didn’t have. So I just brushed the comments aside. When I started working, I went through the same ordeal again, with people asking me to go and try out with modeling, and some even asked me to join pageants. I guess no one really pushed me or convinced me enough, plus I did not know where to start, so I did not go ahead with it.

with Amber Chia

Until one night, a couple of weeks back, I was fortunate to have dinner with Amber Chia, a super model that needs to introduction. Surprisingly she was really down-to-earth and friendly! Before we left the dinner, I asked for a picture and that was when she noticed my height. She immediately said that she loved my height and asked me to see her at her academy, while passing me her card. Of course, to get such a comment from her was flattering, although I still did not have the intention of going down the modeling line. Saucer, who witnessed this, kept asking me to call her the next day, but I was just too shy! Days later, I chatted with my best buddy online and when she found out about the incident, she immediately exclaimed “GO! What are you waiting for? This is a chance of lifetime!”. I guess that was the push needed, for I found myself calling Amber that night, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Amber Chia Academy

Therefore, I’m now a student (again) at Amber Chia Modeling Academy (ACA)! It’s such an unexpected twist of fate for me that I have to document it down, so I hope you don’t mind reading through my reflections every week. It’s going to last for just 6 weeks, for now. So bear with me! :)


ACA lounge

How do I feel now? I just went to the first class on Tuesday, and met a group of young and spirited people who inspire to be professional models. Seeing their enthusiasm and excitement fueled me to carry on with this class in an upbeat mood. Due to my less-than-ideal age, I don’t have very big dreams in this path, but just to learn on how to carry myself better, with more confidence and perhaps, to strike the runway at least once. πŸ˜‰


Make up area

The good thing about this academy is that it will accept people from all ages as students. I had a conversation with Amber before I joined the class and her vision is to provide an avenue for people who want to be a model but do not know where to start, as well as to help people build their confidence, regardless of their age. So, if you’re interested, stay tuned to my documentaries every week, where I will be detailing my experience in the classes, with no holds barred.


The 4 colours of basic heels

Our first class was taught by Benjamin Toong, who is a catwalk guru well-known in the industry. He is apparently the only person who could walk with a pair of 9-inch heels! Speaking of heels, all of the students are required to wear 5.5 inches heels during class, custom-made from ACA. 5.5 inches! All my life, the highest pair of heels I’ve ever worn was only 3 inches high, and even then I only did so for less than 5 times. I can’t imagine walking in this super high heels for the next few weeks!


The catwalk studio

The first class was more to introduction, where we got to know the students and their aspirations, as well as what are the models Do’s and Don’ts. I just have to say, Ben is a funny trainer with a sense of sarcasm. I can foresee classes with him to be very interesting and noisy, filled with laughter. One of his quotes that I remember very well:

“Models are sales persons! The difference is they sell products without speaking.”

How very apt.

Amber Chia Academy

The class schedule

Did you also know that the standard gown measurements for models is 32″ – 25″ – 36″? Apparently, this is the standard size when fashion designers tailor their gowns, so if you’re not around this size, you’ve got some work to do!

Amber Chia Academy

Ben briefing on the runway terms

Amber Chia Academy

The difference between the main stage and the runway

The first class is over but we’re given some homework to do: To walk and familiarize with our 5.5-inch heels at home! I have tried and let me tell you, it’s not easy. Let’s just hope practice does make it perfect. :)

Amber Chia Academy

Amber Chia Academy heels

Amber Chia Academy

My pair of 5.5-inch heels

What do you think of my little twist? I hope you guys support me in this decision of mine, for an experience of a lifetime. Of course, posts on food will still be coming in (I still need to eat! :P). Wish me luck and stay tuned for my next class update!


Amber Chia Academy

*Studio pictures courtesy of Amber Chia Academy

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  1. says

    wow.. u’re so tall already.. still need 5.5 inch heels?? o.O
    oh well.. next u should call yourself iamthemodel πŸ˜€

    all the best!

  2. says

    this sounds like a lot of fun! looking forward to reading more about your experiences (even though i hope i’ll never have to wear high heel shoes) πŸ˜€

  3. choong says

    Hi, I’m your silent reader all this while, but since this will be a twist, so, here I’ll have to “come out of the water”, and say, “Gambatte!”
    do something that you’ll not regret not doing…
    (though I’m not a person who’s pro-modelling)

    but then… please don’t give up food…


  4. says

    woooo… I want to see more photos of you later on, sweet witch!! I didnt know u were tall until now… gosh.. i admire that.. cos i m very short! :(
    More pictures please.. and congrats to u too!

  5. says

    wow wow wow, invited by Amber Chia herself yeah?? that’s really a good chance.. hmmm, so the supermodel of tomorrow is in the making already?? woooo, so happy for saucer!! haha~~ πŸ˜€

  6. FEliz says

    hey,!! waoh.. and this is your blog.. real real interesting!!
    i think you just got another follower here.. haha!!
    see you on monday for the NEXT class….

  7. says

    Oh dear forget about the height for me…I’m 5′ flat!

    Goodluck on your newfound venture… you’re also lucky to have a very supportive husband!

  8. says

    I’ve been on the move a lot so not had a chance to comment on this,but wanted to. I am so proud of you for doing this. All those high school people are eating those words now!

    Well done 10x over for bucking the trend and becoming the first super model who also eats and Blogs about it!

    Well done again!

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