Sizzling Hot at Star Village

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Every weekend, Saucer and I would venture to our neighbourhood area to look for new places to dine. Last weekend, we were driving past the Kuchai Lama area and noticed this restaurant called Star Village that seemed to be packed with people. Since we were feeling a little adventurous, we decided to park our car and give it a try. It was 8pm on a Saturday night and the place was full! We had to wait for about 5 minutes to get our table but other than that, service was prompt.

Star Village

Sizzling chicken chop

The place was decorated using mostly old school decorative items, giving it a very retro look. Even the stair case to go up their artificial first floor was ancient-looking, adding more charm to the whole environment. We started with their Signature Sun Tea, which came in a cute pot meant for 2 persons. It tasted like a mixture of Ribena, lemon juice and flower tea, which was quite refreshingly sour. To be honest, this was not my cup of tea (literally) since I’m not into sour stuff but I guess it serves it purpose in whetting our appetite before our food arrived.

Star Village

Retro stair case

Speaking of food, I must say their service was impressively fast. From our order to the serving of our first dish, it must have taken less than 10 minutes. And all the other dishes came and were completely served within 5 minutes. Such a commendable task considering it’s full house that night.

Star Village

Sun Tea (RM12.90)

My niece Heidi ordered the Black Pepper Chicken which was one of the recommended dishes in the menu. The size of the chicken chop was huge, using a whole chicken thigh that was well-marinated and tender. The sauce was savoury and peppery but not overpoweringly so. I think she enjoyed her chicken very much that night for the 8-year-old managed to finish the whole thing on her own!

Star Village

Black pepper chicken (RM15.90)

Star Village

Salmon Steak (RM19.80)

Saucer had the Sizzling Chicken Chop which was served sizzling hot with a cover on top. The aroma was redolent and appetizing, topped with a generous amount of garlic sauce. Again, the chicken chop portion was sizable, tander and smooth. The only gripe was that the garlic sauce was not garlicky enough, rendering the gravy just savoury and nothing else.

Star Village

Revealing the Sizzling Chicken Chop (RM21.90)

Star Village

Topped with garlic gravy

My order of Cheese Chicken was grilled chicken topped with a slice of cheese and a layer of ham on top, drenched with mushroom sauce. I loved this! The chicken was grilled to a golden brown with slightly charred edges without stripping off its moisture within. The layer of cheese melted nicely in between the chicken and ham on top, giving it a nice cheesy and savoury taste all in one bite. Also not to forget is the piece of fried bun on the side, which looked harmless but was so good. It was almost like deep fried mantou but nicer. :) I thought the salad was weird though, with the liberal usage of jicama (sengkuang), green peas and carrot mixed with mayonnaise. Not an ideal combination, I’d think.

Star Village

Cheese Chicken (RM18.90)

Last but not least, we shared a serving of Chicken Wings, which arrived in glistening red with a side of chilli dip. The chicken wing was well marinated with hints of honey on top, which gave it a slightly sweet skin. While these did not blow our minds, we found them pretty decent as finger food.

Star Village

Chicken Wing (RM3/pc)

Star Village

Dining environment of Star Village

The dinner experience at Star Village made us understand why this was such a favourite among the locals. The service was prompt, the ambience was cozy, the food was reasonably good and price was affordable. It’s definitely a place that we would go to for that Western food fix without having to burn a hole in our pocket!

Star Village

Star Village Western Food

Star Village Western Food Steak House
No 1, Jalan 10/116B,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel No.: +603-7984 3117
Business Hours: 10.30am – 3pm, 5pm – 1am

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  1. says

    this brings back memories of the type of western dishes i used to enjoy a lot as a university student. though prices were a lot cheaper then: a black pepper chicken chop could have cost below RM10, heheh ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. says

    The sizzling chicken chop looks good. You have great food everyday! You know the other day I was looking for makan makan around Ampang area, kinda sad didnt manage to find a nice place to makan

  3. says

    i thot the sun tea was sangria, haha!! it looks nice actually, and i love the chicken wings, so enticing, haha!! but given a choice i’d opt to serve the chicken chop in normal plate instead of sizzling plate, i just find sizzling a little too clumsy..

    • says

      I think sizzling has this special aroma that normal plate doesn’t have, but I wouldn’t want to have it if I have taken bath and all clean ๐Ÿ˜› It can get a bit smelly and oily lol!

  4. says

    Me love BBQ chicken wing. =p

    I will be going down KL next weekend with my friends to attend a 3-day course. Hope there’s time for me to go try some of the great (and endless) food that you have blogged about.

  5. Eric Ng says

    Terrible and very very bad Servis in Desa Aman Puri outlet.finished out main course but bun n soup still not serve yet.called waitress to checkbut all not entertain n run away. Making noise Infront counter only the manager appear. My comment is if can’t cope it don’t over accept order.feeling that no SOPP and no distribution of work task. Potty. The waitress here as they are follow uncapability manager

  6. my says

    services is bad at kuchai branch. from the waiter : ‘wait i am Busy and i give u a box and u dabao urself’ Is it a reason to ask ur customer to do tis kind of self service. I did pay for the service tax and is it wat feedback should i get?

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