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It goes without saying that online shopping has now played an important part in our daily life. It is even more prevalent now with the mushrooming of group-buying sites that are offering products and services at only a fraction of the original price. In the midst of this all, the was born, Malaysia’s premier members-only online shopping club. What differentiates from the rest is that only members are granted access to their private online sales, offering up to 80% discount. Besides, all the items on sale are either branded goods or carefully picked limited edition items with a 100% authenticity guarantee. This allows average people like most of us to afford branded goods without burning a hole in our pockets!

hishop1 member page

Feeling curious, I went to their website to have a look and found out that there was nothing much I could see until I registered as a member. Fret not, registration was easy and instant, and before long, I landed on the page of ‘Current Sales’ showing a list of brands on sale.


Current Sales page

The pages were easy to navigate and user-friendly, and I found myself getting familiarized with the layout in no time. Special attention was paid to the CK bags sale since my own handbag was stolen in a recent house break in. I was glad to find that most of the items on sale were greatly discounted! It was a shopping haven for shopaholics indeed.


Discounted CK Bags

Shopping can now be hassle-free and stress-free, without costing a fortune. Check out the video below to have a better idea on what is all about!

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    No, thanks. I’m old school. Will only buy airline tickets online – no choice. Travel agent charges so expensive. And even then, so tense, all stressed out… Old man mah! Not so high-tech… LOL!!!

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