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Earlier this week, I wrote about the Perfect Mother’s Day gift that Saucer and I got for his mother. The Osim uMama Warm is a portable massager that works on the neck, shoulders and back, while warming the tummy at the comfort of your own couch. After exploring and finding out how to use this device, we were excited to pass it to his mother to let her experience it for the first time. When she saw the unit, she immediately recognized since it appeared on the Andy Lau Osim uDivine TV advertisement as a free gift. :)

Osim uMama Warm Back Massager

We were at my mother-in-law’s place for dinner yesterday, so after dinner, we sat her down and put the unit on her. I even took a video of her putting it on for the first time!

Osim uMama Warm Experience video

Osim uMama Warm-2

Trying uMama Warm for the first time

“It felt like those massage chairs in the shopping malls where we had to put in one buck!”, she said enthusiastically.

Osim uMama Warm-1

Posing with the uMama Warm massager and enjoying it

When she was done with it, I took the liberty to try it out on my own too. Putting it on was pretty easy since the unit seemed to shape itself around one’s body nicely. For me, the back part of the massager sits nicely on my lower back, just below my waist area, while the shoulder massager fits the back of my neck.

Osim uMama Warm-11

Experiencing the uMama Warm back massager

The massage experience was as if someone was thumping you from the back, in a rhythmic movement. There was a option to choose either Shoulder massage, Back massage or Shoulder + Back massage by pressing the button on the panel. I tried the Shoulder + Back massage and I could feel the massager thumping me starting from my shoulders then to my lower back and back to my shoulders, repetitively. To change the rhythm of the thumping, I experimented with the Relax/Rhythm button, with 7 different patterns of massage installed. On top of that, I could also adjust the strength of the thumping. I found that the Medium strength works well for me while my MIL prefers the Hi strength.

Osim uMama Warm-6

“How do I work this?”

My nephew-in-law, Hanson, was intrigued by the massager and wanted to have a go at it too! We helped him put it on since it’s quite heavy for his small-size, but the adjustable strap at the back allows the back and shoulder massager to fall in place nicely. He started to explore the buttons on his own and enjoyed the massage.

Osim uMama Warm-7

Exploring the buttons

Look at his pose once he was satisfied with the options he chose! Such a relaxed and comfortable look on his face! ๐Ÿ˜› For someone small and bony like him, I’d recommend to use the Lo strength option for maximum comfort. After using it for 15 minutes, he said he had this ticklish feeling at the back, which is actually common because all the massage acts had caused improved blood circulation that resulted in a ticklish sensation.

Osim uMama Warm-5

Rest and relax in a bliss

Soon, it was his sister Heidi’s turn. She was smaller so the unit looked like it was bigger than her. Fortunately, the back could be adjusted such that the shoulder and back massage pads fell into place nicely.

Osim uMama Warm-9

Heidi and the uMama Warm massager

Before long, she was enjoying the massage while watching TV. She found the Lo strength massage to be most comfortable while the Medium strength was a little too hard on her. After her 15-minute cycle was up (the unit stops automatically after 15 minutes), she requested to do it again! It seemed that she was enjoying it very much!

Osim uMama Warm-10

Watching TV while being massaged

After the massage, I saw her scratching her back because of the ticklish feeling she experienced, too. It was quite a funny sight. The feeling only lasted for a couple of minutes, after which she wanted to do it again. It looks like my MIL would have to share the unit with Heidi! ๐Ÿ˜›

Osim uMama Warm-8

A face of bliss

Overall, here are some of the comments from all of us after using the uMama Warm back massager:


1. Easy to operate with straightforward buttons. Even a young child is able to use it without supervision.

2. Seven types of massage patterns/rhythms available.

3. Comfortable padding on the back and front.

4. The massage improved blood circulation which was apparent from the ticklish feeling.

5. A massager suitable for all ages.


1. Position of the control panel faces front, which means we have to twist the panel towards us to see the control buttons clearly.

2. Only thumping massage was available. It would be good if there is kneading motion incorporated in the future.

So, if you’re interested to purchase this massager, I would suggest you to get it during the Mother’s Day promotion period (11th April to 8th May 2011) to get the best deals. There are two deals available to get the uMama Warm massager:

Mother’s Day promotion for uMama Warm massager

The second deal of RM888 for uMama Warm + uVision Pro Eye Massager is quite worthy, since the original price for both is RM699 + RM368 = RM1067. To save an extra RM30 (making the package price to be RM858), you can join the Osim Facebook page and search for the Promo Code there! It’s quite easy. :) If you still can’t find it, email me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Osim uMama Warm-3

Happy Mother’s Day!

Well, this is my suggestion for a Mother’s Day gift. What’s yours? Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! You’re all the best! :)

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