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Yes, before we know it, Mother’s Day is around the corner again, reminding us of how very special and unique our mother is. It is also the day for us to show mummy dearest how she much she is loved for bringing us into this world and for making us who we are today. What are you planning to get for this wonderful lady on this special day where she gets to be pampered and treated like a Queen? Well Saucer has always been wanting to get a massage chair for his mother since she has gone through a hard life bringing up 4 children on her own (his father had left this world many years ago). But we all know how expensive massage chairs can be, with the cheapest one costing at least RM5,000 or more.


uMama Warm Mother’s Day promotion

So when I came across this new product from Osim called uMama Warm Back Massager, I instantly thought how perfect this gift would be for her. The uMama Warm is a portable massager that works on the neck, shoulders and back, while warming the tummy at the comfort of your own couch. Sure, it is not a massage chair but it serves the purpose of massaging and pampering a tired body, at a fraction of the price of a massage chair.

Osim uMama-1

uMama Warm box

Osim uMama-2

Unboxing the uMama Warm

My first impression of uMama Warm was how heavy the unit was. Further inspection revealed that most of the weight lay on the back part of the massager where the rollers are, which actually works to give more pressure during the massage.

Osim uMama-4

uMama Warm in a box

Apart from the weight, I was absolutely impressed with the quality and the feel of the material used! The beige-coloured outer layer felt just like leather, but upon inquiry, it was actually synthetic material that is high in quality. I thought the material was soft, smooth and nice to touch, not to mention the light pastel beige colour gives it a certain elegance and class.

Osim uMama-5

uMama Warm front view

The unit was straightforward to use, with only a control panel attached to the front and a power cord attached to the back. There are 5 buttons with different functions:

  1. Stop button
  2. Shoulder/Back button – to choose among Shoulder massage, Back massage or Shoulder + Back massage
  3. Relax/Rhythm button – to choose among the 7 modes of massages available
  4. Heat button – to turn on/off the warming function for the tummy
  5. Strength button – to choose between low, medium and high strength for the massage

Osim uMama-6

Love the pseudo-leather material

Osim uMama-7

5 buttons

The unit seemed easy enough to operate, with various options to cater to different needs. Of course, we’ll have to let Saucer’s mom try it out to know if it’s easy for her.

Osim uMama-8

Smooth and soft material with padding within

Osim uMama-9

A closer look at uMama Warm

The back of the uMama Warm is fully padded with the shoulder and back area filled with rollers where the massage takes place. I like the adjustable centre portion that allows one to adjust the position of uMama to massage either the upper or lower back, just by grasping the straps attached to the sides of it.

Osim uMama-10

Back view of uMama Warm

Osim uMama-11

Side view of uMama

The front straps are also padded and soft, giving one a comfortable hold, something to hug even.

Osim uMama-12

Seven modes of massage as seen on the manual

In conclusion, here are some of my views on uMama Warm massager, based on first impression:


  1. Lovely leather-like material and feel, soft and smooth to touch
  2. Well-padded and comfortable to lean on
  3. Easy to use with only 5 buttons to control
  4. Strength of massage can be adjusted
  5. Almost like a portable massage chair
  6. Warming effect to the tummy is very comforting


  1. Quite heavy especially for someone with smaller built
  2. Length of power cord is limited

Searching online, we found that the Osim uMama Warm has quite a number of benefits as shown below:


Benefits of uMama Warm

Well, I can’t comment on that yet as I haven’t tried it out. We are meeting Saucer’s mom (my mother-in-law, in case you didn’t know yet :P) this week and we can’t wait to let her try it out! Watch out this space for my next post on her comments and feedback on our Mother’s Day gift! 😉

Osim uMama-3

For our mom!

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  1. says

    around the corner?? hmmm, i guess still one more month to go right, the easter will come first, hehe.. definitely a good idea to get a massage chair for your mum, but i guess more importantly is that you make her feel like it’s mother’s day everyday~~ :)

  2. says

    Wow! thanks for reminding me.. easter is this weekend too! :) gonna take my folks out for a nice lunch n dinner.. and shopping in between!

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