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Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about Another Group-buying site known as WeBUY? The good news is, they are now coming out with bigger and bolder campaigns, with the star being the RM203k Community Giveaway Project! In this project, everyone is a winner! One just needs to sign up with WeBUY and click on BUY for the deal below to be credited with e-wallet cash at the end of the campaign. The more people buy this deal, the higher the amount of cash you will get!


203k WeBUY Communicty Giveaway Project

To have a clearer picture, the picture below shows the different tiers that this BUY has. When there are 500 persons buying this deal (which costs RM0, by the way), each of them will get RM3 credited to their account. When the number of persons buying this deal reaches 1500, each of them will get RM5. The same continues until this BUY reaches 10,000 people, when each of them will get RM20 credited to their account! This e-wallet money can be used to purchase any WeBUY deals just like real cash.


Different tiers of giveaway

And the best part is, once the BUY reaches 10,000 buyers, it will be open to a lucky draw where 10 persons will get to win RM300 extra on top of the RM20, making it a total of RM320 each.

It’s so easy to purchase this deal. Just sign up with WeBUY and like their Facebook page, and click on the BUY icon for the deal above. You really have got nothing to lose. :) I have done the same too!


My coupon for the RM203k giveaway deal

To get an idea of what can be used with the money from the giveaway, here are some of the on-going deals at WeBUY. There is Tea Republic promotion where one just needs to pay RM11 for a set of high tea worth RM28.


Tea Republic promotion

There’s also another promotion from Shawn Cutler, RM80 for RM250 worth of hair services. Such a huge discount!


Shawn Cutler promotion

The WeBUY RM203k Community Giveaway has only 1,000+ buyers so far. Let’s try to make it 10,000 so that we’ll all get RM20 each, shall we? :) Quick, before it’s too late!

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