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Online group purchase must be a lucrative business for just after a few months of launching this concept, so many new sites have mushroomed, all offering products or services at a slashed price, that is, when a certain number of buyers is achieved. I have to admit, this is no longer a new concept, so when I came across, I told myself that this is yet another one of those collective purchase websites. But wait a minute, let’s not judge a book by its cover, shall we?


Some of the past deals missed – 32 Bistro, Kissaten, Zen’th Spa, etc


The site will feature new deals every 3 days (maximum) with discounts of 50% – 90%. The deal will only be “ON”/ ”Activated” if there are enough buyers. If the minimum number of buyers is not met, the deal is off and no one will get charged. Simple as that.

What makes WeBUY different from the rest?

Apparently, they are very selective in their deals. Instead of focusing on only the pricing, WeBUY looks at the quality of the merchants. The focus is on the customer’s experience so the deals chosen would be those that would give customers, for example, a good dining experience, a nice spa experience and so on. Also, the site is not cluttered with deals. Every day, only one main deal will be displayed so as to avoid confusion.


Sneak peeks

Upon navigating the site, another idea that I like about WeBUY is how we, as customers, can suggest a business for them to approach or strike a deal with. If you enjoy dining at a particular restaurant, why not suggest it to WeBUY so that you can dine there at a much lower price? Nothing to lose!

From the looks of it, WeBUY seems to be a promising venture, especially if they stick to their concept of offering only good quality deals at a low price. In fact, I have purchased a deal from them for Kissaten (RM25 for RM50 worth of cash voucher). Oh yes, Kissaten = delicious pork burger. :)

Currently, the main deal is the Gucci Borsa Gifford worth RM 1985 and you pay RM 0! So do not forget to click on BUY to activate the Gucci deal.


Current deal

There is also a 45 minutes Head & Foot Signature Massage from Asianel Spa, an exclusive high-end spa for only RM 28 – it would usually cost RM 116 for normal walk-in customers.


Head & Foot Signature Massage from Asianel Spa

Go try out their spa now, it is not something that we can normally get for below RM 30. IF you have not used your RM5 sign-up credit, do so now and get RM5 off this RM28 promo.

To get the latest updates from WeBUY, just ‘Like’ their Facebook page here: and sign up HERE to get RM 5 credit to be used on your next purchase

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can also sign up for their daily email updates, where deals will be emailed to you whenever there’s a new deal. No one misses out! Here’s hoping to greater deals for food from WeBUY! 😉

*This is a sponsored post

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  1. says

    I’ve never tried any of these group buying site but I’ve read several that claims bad service esp when it comes to dining. I am in no position to comment on the bad service lah since it did not happen to me kan? but just the thought of getting discounts over really expensive items sounds … COOL! tempting even! 😀

  2. says

    There are over 30 group buying websites currently available in Malaysia.

    Dealshelve is a good place to see deals from all the group buying websites in one place and you decide where to go!

    It’s unfortunate some group buying websites delete negative comments on their website or Facebook page to protect themselves. Dealshelve features comment board for each deal to allow buyers to share their review on the deal or their experience with the respective group buying website.

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