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Once in a blue moon, I write articles related to Beauty or Health, which explains the existence of these categories in my blog. Recently, I happen to attend a very interesting personal care product launch known as FuGen, short for Future Generation – a product that is made from all natural ingredients for a toxic-free lifestyle. Held on a Saturday morning, the event was graced by a few VIPs and celebrities, including the Deputy Minister of Finance YB Senator Dato’ Donald Lim and model Steve Yap.


Do you know who is this beauty queen? 😉

According to the Managing Director of Life Regen, Dorph Peng, “FuGen is our export quality personal care product range formulated without known carcinogens, neurotoxins, allergens, hormone disruptors and other toxic chemicals.”


FuGen is the future generation of personal care products

Dato Hj Ikhwan Salim_YB Senator Dato Ir Donald Lim_Dorph Peng

Launch of FuGen

The highlight of the launch was the product showcase by celebrity models including Cassandra Patrick, Steve Yap, as well as Madam Lai Meng. Gosh, I grew up watching Madam Lai Meng on TV! And she looked just the same now. :)


Product showcase by celebrities

Enough about the launch now, what exactly is FuGen? Currently, there are 6 products under the FuGen umbrella, each of them boasting to be free of chemicals and made from natural ingredients.


FuGen line of products

LUSCIOUS – a natural citrus healthy scalp shampoo recommended for itchy scalp and combat dandruff. It is suitable for all age groups, even newborns and for all hair types. I have tried this before and found that my hair did not fall as much after that. Pretty amazing.

REVIVE – a natural citrus antioxidant body wash that’s gentle with antioxidant enriched formulation that gives extra benefits to those with skin problems and allergies. Suitable for all age groups.

RADIANT – a natural citrus antioxidant facial cleanser made from botanical ingredients rich in healthy aging combating properties. Radiant also helps to smoothened fine lines and wrinkles. Its dry cleansing foam helps reduce acne and regulates and maintains skin natural moisture balance. Suitable for all age groups.

HYDRATE – a natural citrus skin protection moisturiser suitable for dry and scaly skin, and skin damaged from overexposure to the sun. It protects skin from free radicals that cause accelerated aging and skin damage. It has natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, hydrates and softens skin.

FEND – a natural citrus antibacterial hand wash.

GUARD – a fluoride free natural bamboo salt toothpaste formulated with patented bamboo salt premix to prevent gingivitis, periodontal and gum disease. It has whitening effects with colloidal ball structure and natural herbs. This was pretty interesting – the toothpaste is actually salty! It would definitely need some getting used to. :)

It looks like the trend now is moving more and more towards a health-oriented lifestyle. But as with everything else that has something to do with health, the price ain’t cheap. The FuGen price range starts from RM48 and above. For more info, check out their website at

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  1. Robert says

    How do I buy Fugen Bamboo Toothpaste in the USA?

    The website above “”is blocked somehow….or not available.

    Is there a distributor I can contact?

    Appreciate any info you have.

    Thanks, Bob

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