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It is no secret that I love hot and spicy food. Anything with my good friend, chilli in it is sure to perk up my senses. Fortunately, I’m lucky to have a partner-in-crime that feels the same way, so much so that whenever either of us is in the mood for fiery food, the other would gladly oblige. One night, I was craving for some hot and spicy tom yam soup when we were in The Gardens waiting for our midnight movie. My first reaction was Flying Chillies, the Thai restaurant situated just below the cinema, a place I frequent with my colleagues on long Friday lunches.


Special fire pot

It was perhaps my fifth time there but Saucer’s first, so I excitedly dragged him in while recommending some of the dishes that I’ve tried there before. We were lucky to get a table in the fully packed restaurant!


Waiting for food on fully-packed night


“Hospitality with a heart”

We had a glass of tall Thai Iced Tea, which was prettily prepared with 3 distinct layers – tea, milk and palm sugar (gula melaka). This was very fragrant with palm sugar, albeit a tad sweet. Although the influence of tea was not that strong, the whole combination managed to keep me sipping whole night long!


Thai Iced Tea (RM10)

Starting off our dinner was the Crispy Cat fish salad with Green Mango, a nice balance of spicy and sour pickled mango combined with the crunch of cat fish skin was just too hard to resist! The fried cat fish skin was light and crispy but never oily. If you prefer to have it soft, let it soak up the sauces from the mango and pickles before putting it in your mouth. Simply juicy and nice!


Crispy Cat fish salad with Green mango (RM13.50)

This dish was really an appetizer, for not only it cleansed my palate, it also ignited my appetite for the next dishes. Thumbs-up!


Sour and spicy green mango


Thai Jasmine White rice (RM2.50)

The star of the night was none other than the Flying Chillies Fire Pot Tom Yam! We chose to have seafood in it (or you could opt for just prawns) which had a few pieces of prawns, fish fillet and lots of calamari rings. Served on a piping hot pot with burning fire underneath, this pot of fiery hot soup sent me flying high! The soup was just the right balance of spicy and sour, with a tinge of sweetness from the seafood. The aroma was unmistakable and the taste, mind-blowing. I knew I hit it right on the spot when Saucer kept sipping away while wiping his dripping forehead. :)


Flying Chillies Special Fire Pot Tom Yam (RM25.50)

Also noteworthy were the generous amount of seafood buried within the soup. The prawns were medium-sized and succulent, while the squid rings were nice and chewy. I declare this a must-order at Flying Chillies!


Fresh seafood

Another recommended dish was the Red Curry Chicken, served on a square bowl. Now you may not think highly of this plate of plain-looking curry but you would stand corrected after you have a taste of it. The curry was thick and creamy, with a dollop of coconut cream on top for good measure. It was savoury, spicy and extremely fragrant. This dish is perfect with white rice. In fact, with this dish around, a bowl of rice might not be sufficient.


Red Curry Chicken (RM16)

Dig in and you’d find a treasure of eggplant, long beans and chicken thigh fillets which were oh-so-soft and tender. I loved that they used only the smooth chicken thigh in this dish, I loved the juicy and soft eggplant that soaked up the curry like a sponge, and I loved the superbly fragrant curry that went so well with my rice. I loved everything about this dish!


Eggplant, long beans and chicken meat

Last but not least, Saucer ordered Steamed Siakap with Lime because he loves anything with fish! It was my first time ordering a fish here and although I loved the lime-infused soup, I did not really find the fish impressive. The soup was sour with a sharp kick to it, much like bird’s eye chillies mixed with lime juice. The fish itself, however, was just average. I’m not sure if it had something to do with it being Siakap, but I thought that the meat was a little too soft and had a mashy texture.


Steamed Siakap with Lime (RM45)


Soft fish meat – perhaps too soft?

I have to applaud them for taking the effort to debone the fish before serving though! Look, no bones at all on the fish body.


Boneless fish

Needless to say, we were both full to the brim after the satisfying meal! It was one of the best Thai food experiences ever (in KL) and one that I would continue patronizing after this. Price is a little dear, but with a CIMB credit card, we managed to get 15% off our total bill. :) We’ll be back!


Flying Chillies at The Gardens Mall

Flying Chillies
Lot T219, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel no: +603-2287 7708
Fax no.: +603-2287 7710

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  1. says

    i just went there for dinner with SG colleagues the week before, haha.. and oh, that tomyum seafood is definitely a must-order, really appetising and kicking your tastebuds..

    • says

      Nat, would you believe it we actually finished all the dishes by ourselves! :) Those were actual dishes that we ordered, just the two of us. Gluttons, we are ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. says

    Are you sure this is a good Thai restaurant? Maybe they changed cook or something cos last time I ate there, I did not find the food very nice, and also not very authentic.

    Oh yeah, I also remember there was a rat climbing above us at the ceiling!!

    • says

      OMG really? How long ago was that? I started going to this restaurant since end of last year with my colleagues.. we all love it! That’s why I decided to bring Saucer here to try it out. I hope it’s a new cook though, wouldn’t want rats around ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. says

    eeks, we’ll never be able to be dining companions … i steer clear of spicy food as much as possible! i think i’ve only had tom yam three or four times in the past two years, and each time caused me to sweat profusely and wake up the next morning with a queasy stomach, heheh ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. says

    i totally DIG spicy food too! there was once i took it before a run.. nearly died! Had to run into amcorp mall to u-know-what.. not funny!

    So now, i reserve HOT for days i do not run outdoors;) great post babe. Saucer looks cool;)

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