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A few days ago, Saucer and I came home really late and hungry. We decided to just drive out and try a new restaurant that appealed to us that night. Staying in Puchong, food outlets are aplenty and it was just a matter of preference for us. We initially wanted to have Northern Indian cuisine but failed to find any around Bandar Puteri area, but we passed by a huge corner shop lot with the signboard “Sekinchan Ikan Bakar” that was blaring with lights and had quite a sizable crowd. It was then that we decided to have grilled fish, or ‘ikan bakar’ for dinner. Once I got down from the car, the unmistakable smell of grilled fish filled the air around me – smoky and strong. I almost wanted to change my mind since I didn’t want to be covered with the smell of fumes, but my hungry stomach gave in.


Old-fashioned lighting on the ceilings

The place was huge, occupying the corner lot of the shop-house, and extends to the outdoor compounds covered with makeshift tents. I decided to sit indoors since it was slightly cooler with fans above us, but the smoky smell was undoubtedly stronger since the grilling of fish was done inside.


“Please order at the fish counter”

Once we got in, I realized that service was quite poor. There were many waiters around but no one bothered to show us around. We just sat on an available table and wondered what to do next. Still no one came. The label on the table said “Sila buat pesanan di kaunter ikan” which meant “Please order at the fish counter” in Malay. I suppose they thought this notice would suffice in telling us what to do. But still, where was the ‘fish counter’? This was when we observed what other customers did so Saucer proceeded to the counter located on the left of the shop.


Ordering at the fish counter on the left

There were choices of raw squid, prawns, different types of fish, clams and other seafood available on the counter, and we had to choose the ones we wanted to be grilled. Just next to the counter on the table there were some fish crackers and raw vegetables (ulam) for sale. Not sure of what the procedure was, Saucer took a plate of Ulam and brought it back to our table. I’m telling you, the service left much to be desired.


Ulam /Raw vegetables (RM2)


Variety of chili sauce and soya sauce

While waiting for the grilled fish to arrive, our growling stomachs couldn’t stand the hunger and we took a packet of ‘Nasi Lemak’ from the counter to be shared. Packed in banana leaf, the rice came in a small portion with a smaller portion of sambal. There was no coconut cream (santan) flavour to the rice and the sambal was just too little to be spread around the rice. Definitely not the best of nasi lemak but I guess we were just looking for something to fill the tummy.


Nasi Lemak (RM2)


Small portion of rice and sambal – overpriced?

Soon, our Grilled Mackerel (Ikan Kembung) arrived, drenched in a sour, spicy and slightly sweet sauce. The gravy was almost like an assam curry gravy, very appetizing and flavourful, but the same could not be said about the fish. Being grilled, I was expecting the fish to have some charred bits on the surface, or at least some crispy edges like how normal grilled/BBQ fish would have. But there was none of those. Perhaps in an attempt to rush their orders, the fish was not grilled for a long enough time, losing its oomph. It tasted more like steamed fish to us.  I ended up being more interested in the assam gravy than the fish itself.


Grilled Mackerel / Ikan Kembung (RM10)

We also ordered a plate of Grilled Lala Clams, also served with the same kind of assam gravy. I would actually rate the lala clams slightly better than the grilled fish, because the clams were quite huge and all of them had meat inside. I had to, however, discount some points because some of the clams were not properly cleaned and there was a visible sign of mud in some of the clam shells. Not a nice sight to behold, really. Again, I was actually more interested in the soupy and savoury gravy than the clams itself. I should have just ordered a bowl of the gravy to go with my rice.


Grilled Lala Clams (RM10 for 500gram)

The worst of the lot though, was the piece of Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng Berempah) that we had. We were given a piece of the chicken wing, chopped into several small pieces, with more bones in sight than meat. The meat was dry and, horror of all horrors – cold! It felt like eating chicken cooked from yesterday, and I immediately regretted this order. This small plate of what they deem as fried chicken set us back a whopping RM7!


Fried Chicken (RM7) – Cold and dry meat


Interior of Sekinchan Ikan Bakar restaurant

Being fairly new in the area of Puchong, as well as the only grilled fish restaurant around, this place still gets a reasonable crowd. If the patrons are not picky when it comes to service, and they don’t order the exorbitantly-priced fried chicken, this place is here to stay. The meal for 2 came up to RM33 (without drinks) and we were not even satisfied.


Sekinchan Ikan Bakar at Bandar Puteri Puchong

Restoran Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Puchong (Halal) – Next to Giant Puchong
2G Jalan Puteri 1-8,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel no: +6016-919 3424
GPS Coordinates: 3.025585, 101.619811

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  1. says

    What a coincidence, I also went to Sekinchan Ikan Bakar last week, Cheras branch.

    The service here was OK but I feel the grilled fish a bit… like steamed fish. I think its their style of cooking it.

  2. says

    LOL, there’s nothing like a good gravy and rice.. or in my case gravy and bread or gravy and noodles! Interesting find! Too bad the fish not properly grilled and the chicken cold. Nevermind, go and try the clams and fish gravy lor;)

  3. says

    wah lau….so damn expensive..yet to find any good grilled fish here in selangor.. =S

    but the gravy memang look nice la..

    that nasi lemak reminds me of my secondary school canteen’s nasi lemak…EXACTLY alike n is rm1…i also think damn expensive dee.. =_____=

    • says

      Yea I should look out for more nice ikan bakar places around… Hey you know Saucer was also saying he thought RM1 would be expensive for the nasi lemak too. Turned out to be RM2! o.O

  4. says

    Looks ok…prices also – not at some of the other places you’ve featured…and watch out! These days, have to be very careful…if you don’t want to be sued.

  5. says

    I thought you really went to the fishing/farmer town of Sekinchan, haha…

    BTW, there are really plenty of seafood restaurant in the Sekinchan. Maybe one day you can go there to have a try.

  6. says

    There is one at Kota Damansara also. Afer seeing this review…hmm…dont think i will go la. Ikan Kembung RM10!? Slaughter meh…like that I go for Mak Uda Ikan Bakar better. Cheaper and nicer

  7. says

    It doesn’t seem to be a very nice restaurant to go to. Probably I’ll give it a skip. But thanks for sharing!

    Btw, I like the way you spread out your post into 2 pages. Cool way to put in more and yet give readers some breathing space.

    I’ve linked your blog on my blog roll already! Will be visiting here much more often from now! XD Cheers!


  8. says

    Yea, as smallkucing said there is a branch at Kota Damansara and the big signboard really tempted me to go for a try…but reading after ur review…ehemm**.LOL!!!

  9. says

    i went to the outlet at kota damansara tonight around 8.30, but just left a few fishes in the counter. nothing to eat.
    their service is bad too. at last we just walk out.

  10. nanana says

    my experience.. went to their outlet in Bangi- had to wait a FULL 30 Mins for the drinks to be served!! and that was after some harrassing!! then, ikan bakar only came about 1 hr after ordering! was already fuming by then! no one apologised or anything! the worst is yet to come ! for 3 nasi lemak (smallest portion i’ve seen for RM2.50) 4 cold drinks, 1 small serving of squid, ikan kembung and kerapu, the price was a RM65.00!!! my hubby did a double turn to the counter to recheck the kerapu price which was charged at RM21( a really small kerapu i tell u!) that’s the 1st & last time i’m eating there!!

  11. KCH says

    Avoid this place at all cost, totally a rip-off. Went there at Cheras outlet just now and ordered a tiny ikan keli, small piece of ikan pari, 3 small sotong, ulam & a plate of rice. Drinks was plain water and ice lemon tea. Total bill came to RM54 which is very expensive. Service is also lousy as we were largely ignored, won’t go back there again.

  12. says

    i went to bangi outlet last week!
    damn! so expensice for 1 pcs ikan sebelah dan 1 mangkuk of kerang.

    it’s cost us rm58!

    yang paling tak best, tak ada rupa ikan bakar pun…

    the name should tukar kpd sekinchan ikan kukus.

    if they tukar nama to ikan kukus pun, I never go there again lah!

  13. says


    i just listened to complaint from a friend who tried Sekinchan Ikan Bakar last night.

    and after reading your entry, i personally feel like it’s not worth a visit. better go to real ikan bakar place nearby the sea in Bagan Lalang.

  14. cadarn10 says

    i think its not worthwhile to go there…. Overratted !..i had to wait for 30min for my order and my order ended up to another “prefered customer” ….which i’m guessing a regular customer. But i thank my lucky stars that i don’t have to pay 32 bucks for some “grilled” fish”…though i still did pay for my drinks

    • cadarn10 says

      yup… it was frustating, especially it was my first visit there with a visiting friend from outstation. Ended up, i felt bad & guilty to take him there. Particularly when the head waiter or whatever he is called said in loud voice when his “prefered customer” sat down” HAH ABANG… I ALREADY SAW U DRIVE IN FROM FAR , SO I HAD THESE DISHES PREPARE FOR YOU BEFOREHAND…. and he put at least 3 – 4 dishes on the table… the other customers who were already waiting, look at each other in bewilderment. So, we are the more fool to go and eat there ! My first experience of this sort.NEVER EVER EVER GOING THERE AGAIN !

  15. regret says

    sekincan ikan bakar wow! really bakar, ikan tilapia n ikan pari perkilo cost 70ringgit n a sotong jus normal size cost 15ringgit +++ seekor. wht a terrible nite me n family end out wit tis kind of dinner i ever hav. Really regert paying out rm 101.6 jus for one sotong, ikan pari& ikan tilapia weight 600gm.Damn expensive.NEVER EVER GO TO TRY.

  16. MATTNADD says

    Today we went to RSIB @ Balakong for the first time. Service totally sucks, felt like being ignored the whole time in this “4-star” restaurant!!! Sambal ikan quite OK but price totally rip-off , felt like kena ketok kaw-kaw maaa!!!

    my first & last presence in this franchised restaurant… better makan kat BHTO Ikan Bakar lagi sedap & murah!!!

    • says

      Yea I thought the sambal was good too, but really quite a rip-off! Sigh.. perhaps this is what they charge for a 4-star restaurant? 😛 What’s BHTO btw? :)

  17. shelia says

    Their food is expensive, with small portion & tasteless!!! The fish doesnt seem like bakar but steam. The worst part is they even try to cheat my RM2. Went to Mahkota Cheras branch last Sunday, they overcharged for RM2. In my bill it stated open drink, dont know what the heck is it so ask the Manager. Wah, gave me all sorts of reason like its the drink i ordered, but I only ordered 3 drinks. Then he changed the reason, said they overcharged but gave another reason said that cashier is not around. Lucky my BF looks fierce then only mati mati refund the money. This is the worst ikan bakar i’ve tasted.

    • says

      Oh my gosh, that’s terrible! And they went through all that trouble to get your RM2? So sorry for you :( Luckily you managed to fight for your rights! You go girl! :)

  18. ainuddin says

    pleased to invite you guys to my ikan bakar restoran – Restoran Ikan Bakar FISHBONE. Located @ Kemuning Utama Shah Alam.. can search from FB, just type the restoran name.

    though just a small endlot shop.. but i do welcome you guys.. i believe the tongue would be the best judge to comment any cookings..

  19. says

    I had this twice, terrible services.. damn exp!!! no walking again into this shop. They like potong ppl want… not much choices as well. Rm100++ in chinese restaurant i can eat many dishes including seafood!! we took 4 prawns was like RM30+++ WTF~~~ >.<

    • says

      Oh dear, it seems that they are still continuing to charge expensively! :( Sorry to hear of your poor experience, I guess the more people share, the more awareness it will create. :)

  20. Eim says

    I was just recently tried Sekinchan ikan bakar. At the Sec 7 Shah Alam. Behind behind Jakel. I was so shocked after paying the bill. It was RM70 for medium sized Siakap bakar. Not making sense. Me & my wife were sitting outside under the moonlight n not sitting on an air conditioning n cozy seats. Damn expensive lor.

  21. amirronn mizrol says

    i’m about to have dinner with family over there..looked at you guys comment really2 make me think twice..need to change venue instead..thks so much guys…

  22. satisfactionismybestfriend says

    I was happy with the service and the food, the place was very pretty. I went to the branch in Ampang and the place was very beautiful compared to the other outlet. They just introduced another 2 types of gravy, it was called as kuah 3 rasa dan pedas. One word, NICE. I think you should go to other outlet, Ampang is recommendable. Cheers :)

  23. says

    hey, I trhing I’ll like to share this experience with u. Talking about sekinchan ikan bakar, to me with the frist impression it was the best. I brought my family to have a dinner at cheras branch (balakong). I love Talapia fish so I order 3 fish. That alone cost me RM100. Not including drink & other food. I end up with RM350.00 for that stupid dinner at sekinchan ikan bakar. I can get else where which will cost me for less than RM250.00. There are not popular at all at sekinchan town. This is the first & the last visit for me.

  24. says

    My brother suggested I might like this blog. He used to be entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  25. Asiah says

    I share your sentiment on the overpriced but pathetic looking ayam goreng. I commented on the exact same thing to my hubby when we had the RM7 ayam goreng. I think i can goreng much better & yummier than that…they shouldn’t charge THAT much for it.

    We tried going the 2nd time, hoping that it wud be a different experience than the 1st `ayam goreng + ciput nasi lemak’ experience.

    Turned out to be slightly better in terms of tastes and service. Probably it was lunch on a quiet weekend and the place was practically empty. But surprise2…the food is much better albeit expensive. We ordered; sotong masak tomyam, ikan kerapu masak 3 rasa (really deliciouss), kailan ikan masin & drinks. The bill came up at RM80.

    I guess the place is ok. Just that they may need to improve their service (a lot) and may wanna relook at some of the prices on their menu.

    • says

      Hi Asiah,
      Thank you for giving such a fair and honest comment. I guess maybe they are doing something to improve their quality? Well everyone deserves a second chance.. hopefully more people will experience this soon. A relook at the prices would certainly help too 😉

  26. ah hia says

    Ya bunch of stupid chinese, go eat somemore lah. You know who owns this restaurant? Some stupid moron Datuk who protested in front of Ambiga’s house.

  27. answer says

    just for your info only……..continue with your great articles don’t waste time with politics

  28. KK says

    I’ve been to one at mahkota cheras. It’s very expensive i would say. The grilled tilapia alone costs us around RM60-70. Lousy service definitely i’ll never go again.

  29. RyanLai says

    Bagus BOIKOT SEKINCHAN Ikan Bakar Kuala Lumpur/ Jalan Reko/ Taman Setiawangsa/ Shah Alam/ Titiwangsa/ Wangsa Maju/ Taipan USJ/ Taipan/ Damansara/ Kota Damansara/ Petaling Jaya/ Prima Seri Gombak/ Desa Tun Razak/ Sri Gombak/ Segambut/ Danga Bay/ Genting Klang/ Cheras/ Cheras Selatan/ Ampang Waterfront/ Kepong/ Klang/ Kajang/ Bangi/ Belakong/ Bukit Tinggi/ Bandar Puteri/ Puchong/ Johor Bahru/ Melaka….TENGOK BERAPA BANYAK BRANCH BETUL NIII ORANG KAYAAAAA yang SAMSENG niii

  30. FF says

    Kan… Anyway it’s much worth to go and have ikan bakar at Kg.Baru ‘pintu gerbang’ area…much2 cheaper and most important SEDAP compared to Sekinchan IB!!

  31. 3AS says

    Plan to go tonight for a dinner with family of four. After reading all the comments, think twice to go there. Thanks for all the comments……….
    Thru experienced, the best seafood in town is at Kelana Jaya Seafood (Now no longer)…..

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