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Every Friday, my colleagues and I would be in a particularly good mood – not only because it’s the last working day of the week, but because we get to have 2.5 hours of lunch break! :) So it is usually on this day that we become more adventurous and venture to somewhere further or nicer for lunch! This time, we decided to explore the Puchong area and found a rather new restaurant called Vintage having a promotion. The Buy 1 Free 1 promotion banner at the entrance caught our attention, and we unanimously agreed to give this place a try.

Note: Pictures taken with Iphone 3Gs


Interior of Vintage

The restaurant was well-decorated with shiny red table clothes, velvety plush chairs and carpeted floors. Almost romantic, if we weren’t there in a group of 4. *LOL*


Selection of wine and Christmas tree

Elegant wine glasses were used at every table even though we were not drinking wine. The good thing was the free flow lemony water provided throughout our meal. Appreciate a restaurant that offers complimentary water these days, don’t you?


Wine glass

The Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion was only available during lunch, and there were a few choices available, with prices starting from RM16.90++ per set. All of the sets came with a bowl of Soup of the Day, which turned out to be Mushroom soup for us.


Mushroom soup of the day

The mushroom soup was not the typical Campbell’s-like texture, but the home-cooked type. It was quite fragrant, savoury and had lots of mushroom bits within. Served piping hot, I enjoyed this soup very much. Now, if only they provided complimentary bread…


Creamy home made mushroom soup

A few of my colleagues ordered the Roast Chicken Leg for mains, which came with a whole chicken thigh. I didn’t try the chicken but the feedback from my colleague was that it was rather tough and bland, almost like it had been frozen for quite some time before being cooked. But what I did notice was the miserable amount of fries being served! I counted less than 5 pieces of those on the plate, looking limp and lifeless. I wonder why they skimped on the fries? They might as well not serve any.


Roast Chicken Leg set (RM29.90)

As for me, I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu, which was supposed to be rolled with ham and cheese within before being deep fried. While I loved the crispiness of the breaded skin, I didn’t find the cheese to be as generous as shown in their menu picture. Chicken breast was used in this dish, resulting in a rather bland and dry texture, which made the cheese all the more important.


Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM28.90)

Here I cut the cross section of the chicken cordon bleu to be observed but there was no cheese flowing out as expected. I soon found a small lump of cheese hidden within the chicken, together with some shreds of ham. I wonder if this was their standard way of serving this dish or if they’d reduced the quality due to the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion?


Cross section of Chicken Cordon Bleu

Lunch ended with either a glass of Coffee or Tea.


Complimentary coffee


Coffee picture taken with Instagram

The promotion works by giving the least expensive sets for free. Since we had 2 sets worth RM28.90 and 2 sets worth RM29.90, the cheaper 2 sets were complimentary. In the end, we had to pay around RM17 per person, inclusive of taxes. I suppose it’s only good value for money if only they improve on their food quality, and add a few more pieces of fries with it. :)


Vintage restaurant at IOI Boulevard, Puchong

IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kanari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor,

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  1. says

    The soup looks good…but eeee…look at the miserable fries swimming in the oil. The chicken cordon bleu looks messy – the one at Secret Recipe looks better – but haven’t tried theirs, only the ones at Concorde Inn KLIA.

  2. says

    hmmm, trying to sell cheap but then cut down all the ingredients and degrading the food quality.. i really don’t like this at all.. so cinapek thinking lor.. if really want to have promo to attract customers, then just do it properly right??

  3. says

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. It has been an exciting year for us. It will be better in 2011 and many years ahead. Will be waiting for Lionel and Witch Jr in 2011 =)

  4. says

    Lol.. The last time we went to the IOI Boulevard, that place was still empty.. I see this shop has some bad quality food eh.. By the way, wish you merry christmas and happy new year :)


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