Second Best Hotel in Xiamen, China – Part 3

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As mentioned earlier in my first post of Xiamen, we were supposed to switch hotels after the first night. The second hotel, without a doubt, was much better than the one we stayed in. The next morning, we went for breakfast, packed and took a cab to the next hotel.

Xiamen Part 3-1

Couldn’t resist taking the picture of giant sneakers!

The hotel that we were going to was called Wyndham Hotel Xiamen, which is also ranked #2 by TripAdvisor. Once we entered the lobby, it felt like we were in a different world altogether. The majestic chandeliers were so grand and sparkly, the floors so smooth and shiny, and the area so spacious! Luxurious, definitely luxurious.

Xiamen Part 3-15

Grand chandelier in the lobby

Xiamen Part 3-16

Spiral staircase

While Saucer was performing the necessary check in procedures, I couldn’t help but be awed by my surroundings.

Xiamen Part 3-17

Spacious reception area

Xiamen Part 3-18

witch at Wyndham Hotel

Soon, our room was ready and we were given a key card. Look, even the lift lobby was so classy!

Xiamen Part 3-14

Lift lobby at 15th floor

We were given a twin bed room, but each bed was wide enough for 2 persons! It was larger than the standard size single bed, but just slightly smaller than a queen bed. Best of all? The bed was super comfy and the pillows were made from down. Heavenly! :)

Xiamen Part 3-2

The large twin beds

Xiamen Part 3-3

Study desk by the window

The room had a floor to ceiling window which opened to a  glorious view of the river!

Xiamen Part 3-5

View of the room

Xiamen Part 3-6

Coffee and tea making facilities

Each day, two bottles of complimentary water were given.

Xiamen Part 3-8

Complimentary drinking water

The bathroom was spacious, with a cubicle for shower and a cubicle for toilet.

Xiamen Part 3-7

Basin in the washroom

The shower head was huge with strong water pressure – exactly what a good shower is made of. :)

Xiamen Part 3-9

Huge shower head

Xiamen Part 3-10

Toilet bowl in a separate cubicle

But what I love most of the wash room is the bath tub! I actually spent a lot of my time in the tub having a bubble bath! Exceptionally delightful especially after working out in the gym. :)

Xiamen Part 3-11


Every morning, we woke up to the amazing view of the river.

Xiamen Part 3-4

Morning view from the room

And every evening, we were treated to a beautiful sunset, all from the comfort of our room. The island opposite of the river is called Gulangyu, which is synonymous to Xiamen’s pride. It’s an island that we visited a few days later, together with my friends from Beijing. :)

Xiamen Part 3-12

Sunset from our room

Needless to say, our experience in Wyndham Hotel had been nothing short of fabulous. Well, when the room rate is about RMB1,000+ per night, some expectations are bound to be there, no?

Xiamen Part 3-13

Wyndham Hotel Xiamen

For more information of the hotel, check out this website:

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    Hi there!

    Just drop by to say “Hi” and I have been enjoying reading your blog all this while. At the mean time, this Hotel is god-damn gorgeous and I have a soft spot for hotels too! This is sure gonna burn a hole in my wallet!

  2. says

    that giant boot and sneaker are very cute leh, but i saw the words “peace and war” down there, meaning boot=war, sneaker=peace??

    aiyoh, this hotel is definitely nicer lor.. looks clean and the bathroom also nice woh.. :)


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