Christmas Parade with Tony Roma’s

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Thanksgiving has just passed, and we are now well on our way to Christmas! Who doesn’t love Christmas? It’s a season of joy, warmth, laughter, jingles, carols and of course, FOOD! This year, Tony Roma’s will be decking the halls with its very own Christmas extravaganza. Succulent, juicy, tender, delicious, one-of-a-kind flavour, hefty parade of ribs galore!

Tony Romas

Beef ribs galore

Tony Romas

Private table at Tony Roma’s

In preparation for the array of ribs that we would be having that night, we ordered two soothing drinks created in conjunction with Christmas. The Yellow Submarine is a combination of smooth tasting ice-cream soda and tantalizing citrus of lime juice and the Cranberry-O, a clever concoction combining ice-cream soda, cranberry juice and hints of orange juice for a more familiar and welcoming taste.

Tony Romas

Yellow Submarine

Tony Romas


As usual, before we set our fork and knife ( I meant fingers!) onto the ribs, the waiter described the various sauces to us, while making a smiley on the plate! :) There are four signature sauces from Tony Roma’s – Smokey, Red Hot, Carolina Honey and Original. Apparently, the Smokey sauce is the most popular one among all.

Tony Romas

Carolina Honey, Red Hot, Smokey and Original

Tony Romas

Smiley face made from the sauces!

The first dish we had that night was the Roma’s Sampler, which consisted of the Onion loaf, Potato skin and Boneless Buffalo bites. Among these, I enjoyed the Potato skin the most!

Tony Romas

Roma’s Sampler

I loved the generous amount of cheese on top of the potato skin, sprinkled with some crispy beef bacon. The whole combination gave the otherwise bland potato skin a very flavourful and savoury touch. And though it would add some extra pounds to my waist, I couldn’t resist them! *LOL*

Tony Romas

Onion Loaf

Tony Romas

Potato skin and Boneless Buffalo bites

Then we had the Beef Short Ribs, which are actually ribs from the front part of the cow. They are visibly shorter but with more substantial and thick meat. Just look at the picture below! Even though thick, the meat was surprisingly juicy and tender inside. They were slowly cooked to maintain the original juices and tenderness. Thank goodness we were sharing or I would have been full by just eating one piece of this!

Tony Romas

Beef Short Ribs (RM58.90)

For first-timers to Tony Roma’s, it might be a bit difficult for us to choose the preferred sauce for their ribs to be cooked with. And for this reason alone, the Beef Ribs Sampler is the perfect order! A combination of four ribs prepared in four different flavours to excite our taste buds, this platter is perfect for sharing and for us to find that special sauce that we love. :)

Tony Romas

Beef Ribs Sampler (RM60.90)

If you already know what sauce you love, you could perhaps go for the Full Slab which comes with 5 ribs cooked with your choice of sauce, accompanied with 2 side dishes.

Tony Romas

Full Slab (RM69.90)

Last but not least, the gigantic Beef 10, which comes with 10 (!) ribs and 2 side dishes. Definitely meant for sharing, I could only muster 3 ribs the most! Now, if you look carefully, except for the Beef Short Ribs, the rest are actually the same back ribs just cooked with different sauces and presented in different quantity. I first tasted Tony Roma’s ribs about 2 years ago and now, I thought that the quality of their ribs have improved tremendously!

Tony Romas

Beef 10 (RM99.90)

I used to think that Tony Roma’s ribs were too soft for my liking, with texture much like boiled meat instead of grilled. But now, the ribs are flame-grilled to perfection, with a slightly charred edge and a juicy and tender interior – it is no wonder why Tony Roma’s is Famous for Ribs!

Tony Romas

How many can you eat?

Tony Romas

Our spread to be shared!

Oh, we were also given these cute little Tony Roma’s bibs before we had our ribs! :)

Tony Romas

witch and Saucer with bibs :)

Before we left, I couldn’t help but snap the picture of the entrance to Tony Roma’s at e@Curve! It was a picture of a plate of Beef 10 held by Santa himself! So CUTE!! I wonder if Santa would be able to finish 10 ribs by himself eh? 😉

Tony Romas

Entrance to Tony Roma’s at e@Curve


For the first time ever in the history, Tony Roma’s is throwing a Tony’s Day party in conjunction with the Grand Opening of its latest outlet at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. “Tony’s Day” is inviting all named Tony or similar to the sound of Tony, to sign up by registering your name, contact number, email address and a recent photograph to be in the running to win exclusive invites to the Tony’s Day Party on the 9th of December 2010. Also, 20 lucky Tony’s will be participating in the Tony of Tonys competition for a chance to win a lifetime supply of World’s Famous Ribs! Sign up now at or or

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