Going Porky at The Pork Place

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Staying in Puchong, I have always passed by Pork Place but whenever I asked Saucer to try it out with me, he was always either not in the mood or he didn’t want to eat meat.

Pork Place


One fine day though, he suggested that we should try it out. So we went there during Sunday night, to find that the place was pretty packed! Luckily there was a small table available for the two of us, so we started ordering away.

Pork Place

Fully packed restaurant

The restaurant was brightly lit, with clean and straightforward furnishing. The walls and floor are also at their raw form of bricks and cement, giving it a very original look. Interestingly, Pork Place is not only a restaurant, but a butchery too! There’s a small section within the restaurant that is enclosed and sells pork meat.

Pork Place

Butchery within the restaurant

Pork Place

Selection of pork for sale

Before long, our first order arrived. It was a plate of Home Made Meatballs Linguine. Of course, by meatballs, I mean pork meatballs. My first impression was that the portion was not very big, perhaps just nice for a female eater. Also, the smell of pork from the meatballs was pungent, so one might either like it or hate it. The meatballs were considerably large, springy, tender and a delight to eat. I actually found the combination of the savoury meatballs with  the soury tomato-based linguine a pretty enjoyable dish.

Pork Place

Homemade Meatballs with Linguine (RM20)

The star of the night though, was Bacon and Cheese Burger. Also known as the signature dish of Pork Place, this burger has a thick layer of homemade pork patty, a slice of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and a piece of bacon. Again, the smell of pork was pretty strong, while the bacon gave it an aromatic touch.

Pork Place

Bacon and Cheese Burger (RM19)

The dish came with a side of salad and a substantial amount of fries.

Pork Place

The layers between the burger

Of course, what was most important was really the pork patty. It was considerably thick, juicy and tender with traces of melt-in-your-mouth fats embedded within. The edges and outer layers were grilled until slightly charred, giving it a nice finish, but it was a tad too salty in taste.

Pork Place

Pork patty in between

Also, eating the burger together with the pork patty, cheese and bacon which are all savoury might be a little overwhelming for some, but I quite enjoyed it. The trick is you have to eat it together with the bread or you might find it too salty for your liking.

Pork Place

Juicy and tender pork patty

The last dish was ordered t be shared, since we were having a rather huge appetite that night. 😛 It was called  Roasted Pork Sandwich in the menu, but what came out didn’t look like a sandwich at all! It was, in fact a wrap!

Pork Place

Roasted Pork Sandwich (RM21)

The roasted pork was smoked and roasted, giving it a smoky finish while maintaining its moist. However, I still thought the whole combination of it was on the bland side, while the accompanying sauce was light. I guess it’s supposed to be one of the ‘healthier’ choices in the menu?

Pork Place

Roasted pork in a wrap

Pork Place

Soft and tender roasted pork

If you ask me, I would say just go with the Bacon and Cheese burger! It’s the best among the three dishes that I tried that night, and yes, I would probably return again for that! 😉 Oh, I also spotted a dish of Sausage platter in the “Today’s Special” menu, so I could try that one too!

Pork Place

Pork Place – was still full when we left!

Pork Place

Al-fresco dining

Pork Place

The Pork Place at IOI Boulevard, Puchong

The Pork Place
31, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 7,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact No.: +603 7729 4600

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  1. says

    “…whenever I asked Saucer to try it out with me, he was always either not in the mood or he didn’t want to eat meat…” Hehehehehehehe!!!! All the ideas gong through my head! Muahahahahahaha!!!! What’s inside? Ah Kua…oops…I mean bak kua kah? ROTFL!!!!

  2. says

    Wah….reading your post makes me fall deeper in love with pork! Yum…yum….the pork burgers, pork wrap and pasta looks sinfully delicious~ I love all of them! *Drooling* 😀

  3. says

    i just love pork, that pork burger is already tempting for me, somemore with crispy bacon which is my favourite!! fuyoh, really a near perfect bun for me~~ :p

  4. Louis J says

    this is definitely one place i must visit when im on holiday or visiting KL and its surrounding areas soon. thk u for featuring the Pork Place. Cheers!


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