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I first had Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee more than a year ago, at the outlet in Kota Damansara. Back then, I just moved to KL and had no idea what chilli pan mee was all about! In fact, the experience there left me hot and sweaty, I told myself never to put so much chilli flakes in the noodles anymore! *LOL* Fast forward one year later, I was delighted when I found out that the same Super Kitchen is now open at Bandar Puteri Puchong! Yay!

Super Kitchen

Dining environment at Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee

Super Kitchen

Sa Lai/Umbra Juice (RM2)

Our dinner started with some starters, including this plate of fresh Choy Sum which was very young and fragrant with fried garlic on top.

Super Kitchen

Vegetables (RM6 – small/RM10 – large)

Then there was the Dumpling Soup, which came in really huge dumpling, filled with minced meat, water chestnut and mushroom to name a few.

Super Kitchen

Dumpling Soup (RM4 – small/RM10 – large)

If you don’t fancy the dumpling which could be a little heavy on the stomach, there’s the Wan tan soup, which was really smooth with thin skin! I must have tasted some minced meat and prawns inside the wrapped wan tan, very delicious!

Super Kitchen

Wan Tan Soup (RM4 – small/RM10 – large)

The Thai Style Beancurd was not something I would expect from a pan mee shop, but it was surprisingly pleasant and appetizing, with a sour and spicy gravy on top. The abundance of finely chopped nuts and sesame also gave the dish a very aromatic finish.

Super Kitchen

Thai Style Bean curd (RM6 – small/RM10 – large)

And one more of the starters before we move to the mains – Fresh Fried Fish Fillet! This was my favourite! The fish fillet was thickly cut with firm flesh, and the batter around it was just nice – not overly thick nor oily. I had a few helpings of these because they were just too good!

Super Kitchen

Fresh Fried Fish Fillet (RM8 – small/RM15 – large)

As for the pan mee, I have to say I didn’t care very much for the other variety of pan mee here, such as the Traditional Pan Mee Soup or the Curry Pan Mee, for I was saving my stomach for the obvious. :)

Super Kitchen

Traditional Pan Mee (RM5.50)

Super Kitchen

Curry Pan Mee (RM6.00)

Ah, there it is! The famous Chilli Pan Mee that I was waiting for. Served in a bowl with anchovies, minced meat, fried garlic and shallot, as well as a half-boiled egg (a must), the noodles just begged to be mixed and eaten!

Super Kitchen

Chilli pan mee (RM5.50)

Super Kitchen

Don’t you just want to mix everything up?

Before that, let me just introduce to you their equally famous chilli flakes, for without it the chilli pan mee would not be possible. Look at how red and fiery these chilli flakes are! I could smell the spiciness even from a distance, and I know it’s going to be explosive! After my first lesson, I knew now that I should not be too generous with this killer chilli. I only put 2 spoonfuls in my bowl and mixed it around.

Super Kitchen

The hot and fiery chilli flakes

After mixing, the noodles were evenly coated with a layer of chilli flakes, as well as all the other condiments. I thought the half boiled egg was essential in making the noodles slightly sticky so that the chilli flakes would stick on them, not to mention the fragrant egg-y taste it brought to the noodles. No, the noodles below were not mine, they were too red! These must have been treated with at least 4-5 spoonfuls of chilli flakes! Let’s ask Saucer to find out. 😉

Super Kitchen

Hot and explosive chilli pan mee

Each bowl of pan mee is served with a bowl of soup, to perhaps dilute your noodles if you found them too hot.

Super Kitchen

Complimentary soup

Last dish we tried that day, the Fish Head Mee Hoon, which was a new addition to the menu. It was served in a milky and aromatic broth, strongly flavoured with fish head. The fish head was deep fried before it was served.

Super Kitchen

Fish Head Mee Hoon (RM7.00)

Second to the chilli pan mee, I absolutely loved the flavour of this soup! It was rich with the aroma of fish, mixed with salted vegetables, tomatoes and milk to give it a lightly creamy, sourish and sweet soup. I could finish this all by myself!

Super Kitchen

Delicious noodles and broth

Again, I’m really glad another branch is now open near to my place. Now I have a place to go and fix my chilli pan me cravings!

Super Kitchen

Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee restaurant at Bandar Puteri Puchong

*NOTE: Unfortunately, the Puchong branch has closed down. Please check other Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee outlets here.

Restoran Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee (2 shops next to Public bank)
No.5 Ground Floor, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : +603-8063 7728

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  1. says

    Food looks yummy…but I’m usually not crazy about what they have at these franchise places. Not as good as at the hawker stalls – often, they are nice, the place a lot more comfortable…a bit more expensive…but not really great. Now where have I seen a post on this before? Maybe it was Via’s blog…

  2. says

    have u tried the KIN KIN chili pan mee in chow kit? or the branch in cheras, i still think they have the best chili pan mee! sluuuuuuuuuuurp!

    • says

      I haven’t yet! It’s not too convenient for me to go all the way to KL! That’s what I love about Super Kitchen though.. with so many outlets, it’s very accessible! :)

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