Happy Malaysia Day!

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Today marks the first time ever that 16th of September is recognized as a public holiday in Malaysia. Declared just last year, 16th of September is a public holiday to commemorate the anniversary of the formation of Malaysia on 16th of September 1963. At that time, Malaysia consisted of the Peninsular, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. Of course, Singapore has since exited from Malaysia, so this day is really to celebrate the formation of Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak as one. In that case, can we say that Malaysia technically is not independent since 1957? Because in 1957, Malaysia did not even exist? Anyway, I support all reasons for a public holiday! :)

Happy Hari Malaysia! Happy Malaysia Day! How are you going to celebrate this new holiday? :)

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    or maybe there are just that i don’t know.. i only see the Malaysia Day advertisement from Petronas, 1-Malaysia Cendol.. haha!! guess this day is not so remembered like 31st August though..

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