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Once in a while, I enjoy eating dim sum, especially with my family members back at home. But driving to the restaurant, waiting for tables, shouting to get the waitress’ attention and eating with plenty of eager eyes staring at you don’t seem to constitute a fun dim sum experience, don’t you think? That’s why, I decided to learn how to make dim sum myself! :) Nothing like good old, home made, loving dim sum for the family. :)


The kitchen table

I was lucky to be able to join Chef Lo Tian Son from Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant at Hotel Nikko on his quest of making dim sum. Upon arriving, all the required ingredients were nicely placed on the kitchen table, awaiting to be used .


The ingredients #1


Ingredients #2

We were about to make 4 types of dim sum that night! *excited* Plus, one of them was my favourite prawn dumpling too!


witch with Bok, Uli and Vialentino

We were all pretty excited to get it started! Look, I was even having fun mixing the chicken around. Don’t look down on this small act as it required quite an amount of energy to make it starchy!


Mixing the chicken

The first dim sum that I made was the Steamed Diced Chicken Dumpling with Scallops. I found the challenge to be placing the scallop on top and wrapping the skin around it neatly. How did I do? Not bad for a first-timer I hope! *LOL*


Steamed Diced Chicken Dumpling with Scallops

OK, next up, my favourite – Deep Fried Crispy Prawn Dumpling. OK, I have to admit I love anything with prawns. And I love it much more when it’s deep fried! It’s not exactly healthy but it’s allowable to indulge once in a while. (Yeah right!)


witch wrapping prawn dumpling

I found the prawn dumpling quite easy to make, surprisingly! And I put extra prawns in mine! *evil laugh* Look, all our plates were labelled according to our own alphabet. Mine was J, so this ensures we got to eat what we made later. πŸ˜‰


Deep Fried Crispy Prawn Dumpling – spot the letter J!

This was deep fried for us right after that and I’m not praising myself but it’s OH-SO-GOOD! The prawns were all fresh and succulent, and the skin was golden brown and very crispy. Not to forget, the unmistakable aroma of deep fried dim sum was just too good to ignore. If not for the sake of sharing, I would have walloped the whole plate myself. *glutton*


Deep Fried Crispy Prawn Dumpling

The next dim sum looked easy but it’s not really! The Steamed Fish Ball with Chopped Coriander Leaf required some motor skill. Making a ball out of fish meat was not as easy as it seems. Look at the balls that I made, they were uneven, sticky and huge! LOL!


witch making fish balls


Steamed Fish Ball with Chopped Coriander Leaf

We were actually given these fish balls and the chicken siew mai above to be taken back home to steam. So I steamed them the next morning and Tadaa! OK, those fish balls did not look good but they were delicious! Huge and springy and firm. I have to take Chef Lo for making me such a good chef. *cough* The chicken siew mai didn’t score too bad too. In fact, they were all so good that I managed to eat all of them for breakfast myself! And boy, were they filling! I was full until after lunch ok!


Steamed Fish Balls and Chicken Dumpling/Siew Mai

Last of the lot, we made the Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls coated with Sesame Seed. This was easiest to make as there was no meat involved. And mine turned out beautifully, I’m proud to say.


witch and her creation


Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls coated with Sesame Seed

A group picture with our dim sum, our pride. :)


witch with Ken, Bok and Esther

So, did I stir your interest to make dim sum yet? πŸ˜‰ If you’re interested, on 17th July 2010, Chef Lo Tian Son will have hands on cooking class especially open to all participants to learn the art of making dim sum at 10am. Delightful dim sum set lunch and recipe booklet will be provided. Besides, the best dim sum will also be rewarded!

Dim Sum Culinary Workshop: RM150++ per participant on 17th July 2010.

Reservation details:

Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur
Contact no.: +603 2782 6188
Email: foodandbeverage@hotelnikko.com.my
Website: www.hotelnikko.com.my

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    Good! Good! Learn to make nice-nice…so when I go to KL, you can make your own at home and invite me to go and eat…FREE! Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. says

    haha, must be a very nice experience making your own dimsum right?? having fun at the same time while learning new things.. :)

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