My Estee Lauder Model Search experience

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Last weekend, Saucer and I happened to be in Mid Valley after an appointment in Bangsar. While we’re there, we saw this huge platform set up in the Center Court, hosting the Estee Lauder Model Search 2010 competition. We were there around noon, and we saw all of the make up counters being taken up! There must have been 10 counters, and they were all utilized! So well-received, this contest.


Estee Lauder Model Search Make up counters

And guess what? Watching all these girls being transformed with the makeover just pressed a button in me. I suddenly wanted to be pampered too! After discussing with Saucer, I then proceeded to approach the girls at the front desk. The procedure was really quite straightforward. I had to fill up a form, pay RM280, get a RM230 product voucher in return, and proceed to the make up counter.


Getting ready for make up

My make up artist was this young guy who was pretty serious with his work. He didn’t say much unless necessary. *LOL* The first thing he did was to trim my eye brows.


Trimming eye brows

Then he removed my make up and applied some moisturizer. See? My face was so shiny after the moisturizer.


Apply moisturizer

After that, he started making up on the eye area. He told me that he was going to make my eyes look ‘sensuous’. *LOL* And he had to make the colours look much more bolder and darker because during the photoshoot, the flash would take away 50% of the colours. I just nodded along. And true enough, the end results was a colour so dark and bold that I had to take some time to get used to my eyes. *LOL*


Transformed eyes


Eye brow shaping

What do you think? He then proceeded with making up my face – foundation, loose powder, blush and finally lipstick and gloss. I think he took about 45 mins for the process. Well, after I was done, I was shown to the next counter, where I would do my hair! The sponsor for hairdo was Miko. And you know what’s so funny about it? I actually permed my hair at Miko a few weeks ago! What a coincidence! I saw a familiar face too!


Hair counter by Miko


Deciding what to do with my hair

The hair stylist took one look at my hair and decided that I should go for curls. So they started curling my hair. And within minutes, I was done! Faster hair makeover ever! :)


Curling my hair

Next stop – dresses! The dresses were sponsored by Eclipse, as always. So we’re asked to choose a dress for the photo shoot. I chose a white dress at first and after trying out, I thought it didn’t look very nice on me. The assistant saw me and suggested a black number instead. So I tried it out and it looked so much better!


Choosing a dress

But it turned out to be a little loose, so she helped me pin the dress from the back. *LOL* It was a one-shoulder toga dress in black.


Making the dress tighter

And then I was ready for the photo shoot! I sat by the side waiting for the previous contestant to finish her shoot, while fidgeting nervously.


My finished look

When it was my turn, I was so ‘kaku’ and didn’t know how to pose properly. The photographer helped a lot in giving advices and suggestions. Bend here, turn there, smile, pout, look here, look there, everything!


Posing for photographs

After the few minutes of photo shoot, I was asked to change and proceeded to the photo processing counter. My pictures were already on the laptop! Then came the hardest part – choosing ONE picture to be submitted for the contest. There were about 20 of them, and the assistant helped us in shortlisting them into 3 most desired ones. And of the 3, I actually loved 2 of them very much, but could only choose one.

After discussion with Saucer and with the assistant’s suggestion, I decided on one of the pictures and she started working her magic! And I tell you, it was really like magic! The way she made my face look so much nicer, my eyes, my lips, everything! *LOL* Gosh I must learn photoshop already. 😛


Choosing the ONE

Within minutes, the photo editing was completed, and my photo was printed out instantly! Look at the final picture! What do you think of it? :)


witch and her portrait


Estee Lauder Model Search 2010 at Mid Valley KL

After completing the whole drill, it was time to redeem my RM230 voucher. It had to be redeemed on the same day, so I walked around looking for what I should get. I never used Estee Lauder products before, so it was a bit hard for me to decide whether I should go for cosmetics or skin care. In the end, I decided skin care since I seldom use cosmetics! They’d most probably go to waste! There was another assistant helping me with my shopping (they have assistants everywhere!) and I finally decided on this – Estee Lauder Anti-Wrinkle set! OK, don’t stare at me, I’m not THAT old, just that it’s better to start keeping skin youthful while I’m still young. *excuses* And this set was also very reasonable ok, one of the cheapest I could find (maybe THAT’s the reason I chose it :P). It came with a Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Eye gel and Moisturizer at only RM180! Which meant I still had RM50 for something else! :)


Estee Lauder skin care set

I decided to use the RM50 for a palette of cream eye shadow in Gold instead. No picture of this because they’re out of stock! I’ll be collecting them in a week’s time though.


Anti-wrinkle set

I took the picture below at home, using a camera to snap the A4 portrait given. They didn’t give me the soft copy so I could only take the picture using a camera. Somehow I thought the angle was a little distorted, maybe my camera wasn’t exactly level (180 degrees) while taking it. The eye shadow from this photograph really is so much lighter than what I see in real!

NOTE: Picture below has been replaced with a new one taken by Saucer. He couldn’t stand the picture being distorted earlier on. 😛


My A4 portrait

Truth be told, I joined this competition for fun, and also for the experience. I know no one can be young forever, so I’m taking the opportunity to capture my youth whenever possible. 😉 I don’t even know if I’ll be eligible for the semi-finalists session but it doesn’t matter. What matters was that I had fun during the process and that Saucer was there the whole time (almost 2 hours) to document this experience with me. That alone was enough to make me smile. :) All constructive comments are welcome! :)

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  1. Caroline says

    actually saw d pic in ur tweet dat day! nice experience lerr.. so nice. haha. but from what i learnt from bodyshop workshop is if u’re not over 26yr old better dnt use d eye gel if not will increase wrinkles faster at d end. hmm. lol.

  2. says

    Gee! I could have sworn that was Maggie Cheung in the last pic! LOL!!! My friend went last year…and wow!!! The transformation!!! *wolf whistles… I wonder if they can do that for men – I would be a real challenge for them! Hahahaha!!!
    .-= suituapui´s last blog ..Tart tart… =-.

    • says

      OMG, you’re not the first to say I look like Maggie Cheung ok… my group of blogger friends call me cheong man yuk every time we go out. Haha.. looks like they weren’t lying now eh?

  3. says

    wooot! witch, it’s not the photoshop that makes u look like dat lah! it’s you! we women have the luxury to transform after make up n u did! photoshop works for ppl like me ie. banyak pimple type! u have nice skin, nice smile .. photoshop is just enhancing it only… chey.. u dun need photoshop, u need to shop for photos 😛

    i hope u’ll go further than this. rooting for witch 😀
    .-= Merryn´s last blog ..18SX – Caught on camera (Part 2) =-.

    • says

      Haha Merryn, your comment so sweet as usual.. Well, as I said I already had my share of fun by joining the competition and enjoying the process of it. Whether it’ll go any further is not up to me anymore 😉

  4. says

    eh, dat pic of u holding ur portrait, is that ur make up artist at the back looking, stealing some glamour? lol..
    .-= Merryn´s last blog ..18SX – Caught on camera (Part 2) =-.

  5. says

    my opinion wud be, witch after the make over is an elegant lady..

    my hubs on the other hand said, he like the original witch that is fresh looking n CUTE! hehehhehe.. can u believe he said that???

  6. says

    I’ve always known what shown on magazine covers of supermodels are just not the true them – they don’t look that glamorous after they cleaned up all the make up – just like any average good looking girls.

    Photoshop is an excellent tool to cover up all your faulty features like pimples, pores etc. Is it any wonder photos of models look so perfect!

    Luckily I don’t need any photoshop cos my panda face is already perfect! Hehe!!

    • says

      Yea you’re right.. I saw with my very eyes how photoshop could transform a less than perfect photo into however way we want it to. It just makes me wonder how trustable these photos are, to be used for competition purposes. I mean, for all you know, the real person might be VERY different from what we see on the photograph!

  7. says

    lol at panda foong’s “my panda face is already perfect!”

    ahhh… witch, the last pic is so much better now! 😀 bravo saucer.. see he so sayang u, cant stand seeing ‘u’ distorted like dat.. lol..
    .-= Merryn´s last blog ..18SX – Caught on camera (Part 2) =-.

  8. says

    wow..that was a fun experince..great to have ur hub’s company thru the whole process..if my hub sure go minum teh edy..hahaha

    anyway, you do look gorgeous!!
    .-= Mommy Ling´s last blog ..An Early Gift =-.


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