Shopping at Namdaemun Market, Seoul – Part 4

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On Tuesday, which was the second working night for Saucer, they managed to reach up by 7pm. Since it was relatively early, we set foot to a nearby market called Namdaemun, which was about 15 minutes of walk away. Saucer’s colleague, Sri, also joined us for the fun!


Towards Namdaemun Market

This market was a little different from Myeongdong, in that most stalls were set up in booths instead of proper shop lots. It gave me a more ‘market’ feel. Apparently, many stalls here sell wholesale items to the retailers, especially clothing items. We saw stalls upon stalls selling clothes at this market. On another note, if you are looking for a great selection of places to stay with discount prices, visit Seoul Hotel for more information.


Stalls selling clothes

There were also some stalls selling souvenirs. Sri was looking for some fridge magnets, and me being ‘kepoh’ helped him to search for them.


Souvenir shop!


Looking at fridge magnets – aren’t they cute?

After a while, both of them said they were hungry so we scouted for dinner. Sri doesn’t eat pork or beef, so we had to look for restaurants selling chicken. Mind you, it’s not that easy a task looking for restaurants that sell chicken in Seoul because: 1) Most restaurants have Korean signboard, 2) Most restaurants serve pork/beef only, 3) The restaurant owners couldn’t understand us when we asked them whether they had chicken or not. *phew* Really not easy. So when we saw a signboard with the picture of chicken on it, we went in immediately. *LOL*


Ginseng chicken restaurant

This restaurant turned out to be famous for its fried chicken and Ginseng chicken soup. So we ordered one of each to be shared. As usual, kimchi as the appetizers, as with all Korean restaurants here.



The Ginseng chicken soup was served piping hot, which was extremely comforting to our stomach in the cold weather. A bowl of rice was served together with the soup, making it a filling meal.


Ginseng chicken soup

The fried chicken was more popular though, since it was cleaned up within minutes of serving. I personally wanted to have more of the fried chicken but had to watch my manners in front of Saucer’s colleague. *LOL*


Crispy and delicious fried chicken

Amazingly, after the dinner, Saucer said he was still not full! *gasp* The man has an appetite of a cow, I tell you. I was already very full but he insisted on trying out some street snacks which were abundant along the streets of Namdaemun. In the end, we randomly chose one and ordered.


Fried Korean rice cakes

We had the popular Korean rice cakes, which were sold in almost all street stalls selling food. The ones we had at this particular stall was just below average. And later on we found out why. The seller was actually from China! *sweat* We should have looked for authentic street snacks sold by local Koreans. Oh well, better luck next time!


Getting ready to eat again!


To keep us warm

The fried pancake looked delicious but it was really just so-so. Too much oil and flour, and due to the cold weather, they got cold pretty quickly. So we ended up with cold, soggy pancakes. Needless to say, this went unfinished.


Fried pancake

The clams were served complimentary but they were tasteless. They were just basically boiled in plain water and served to us. The clams were not even fresh to begin with, so no wonder they were served for free.


Complimentary clams

The only thing which was noteworthy were probably the skewers, and only the chicken skewers. The rice cake was just average.


BBQ rice cake and chicken skewers

After the meal, we proceeded to walk back to the hotel. Sri couldn’t help but notice this picture on one of the banners there. It looked like a naked man’s body! *LOL*


Naked man’s body?

Of course it was actually Korean ginseng. Interesting.


Picture of a ginseng that looked like a man

Some camwhoring session ensued on the way back to the hotel, to keep us entertained and warm. :)


witch at the streets of Seoul


Saucer and witch keeping each other warm :)


with the colourful post box!


Saucer in front of Fraser Place Serviced Residences

The next day was yet another solo adventure for me. Find out where I ventured this time! :)

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  1. Caroline says

    lol those foods looks okay-okay only this time. :) gosh the picture of ginseng really look like naked man’s body! haha
    .-= Caroline´s last blog ..Simple one. =-.

  2. Caroline says

    @bluedreamer i am keep looking at the picture and finding whr’s d lips but i cant find it, lol.
    .-= Caroline´s last blog ..Simple one. =-.

  3. jfook says

    WOw, I nv been to Seoul before. I want to eat Korean Rice Cake..
    .-= jfook´s last blog ..Here is the First Part of my MALACCA POST!!!!! =-.

  4. says

    that’s dukboki snack right last pic of part 1 – my korean friend used to cook that in uni.. when i try to find it around here, although it’s just rice flour, it costs alot… ooh the street stalls remind me of korean series too.. & the pancake looks yummy
    .-= lechua´s last blog ..Penang Street Snacks =-.

    • says

      You’re right.. it’s dukbokki.. Very famous and easily available around Seoul :) I tried one before in SS2 pasar malam at RM5! Not bad the taste :)

    • says

      Oh there’s actually a Fraser’s serviced residence in KL?? I didn’t know that! LOL!
      Well, I would say not all the hawker food was nice. Of all those that I tried, maybe 50% nice and 50% just average? :)


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