A Taste of Hakka at Chi Ka Yin, Bandar Puteri Puchong

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Another introduction to Puchong restaurant! :) This time on Hakka food, one of the few available around this area. This place was recommended by Uli and upon entering the restaurant, I saw plenty of media coverage including newspaper publications as well as Ho Chak! on TV. Impressive!


Chi Ka Yin on newspaper

Before the food was served, I ordered a refreshing honey lime drink.


Lime drink

The first soup of bitter gourd was one of the better ones that I’ve tasted. I am never a fan of bitter gourd or anything bitter for that matter, but this soup was boiled such that the bitter taste was really subtle. yet I felt the cooling effect after drinking the soup, which is really a win-win situation for me!


Bitter Gourd Salted Vege Soup (苦瓜咸菜汤) [RM6(S)| RM12(B)]


Pepper Pork Stomach Soup (猪肚汤) [RM6(S)| RM12(B)]

The braised duck was already appetizing just from the look of it. It was very homely, with smooth skin and soft flesh.


Braised Duck (卤鸭)[RM12(S)| RM24(B)]

Of course, one must not miss the abacus which is a signature Hakka dish.


Hakka Abacus Seeds (算盘子) [RM12(S)| RM24(B)]


Hakka Fried Meat (客家炸肉) [RM8(S)| RM16(B)]


Yam Pork Belly (芋头扣肉) [RM8(S)| RM16(B)]

The spring roll was my favourite of the lot! Upon checking with the restaurant manager, I found out that the spring roll is indeed a best-seller! It was extremely aromatic, with crispy skin and lots of fillings of meat and vegetables combined together. This is definitely a must-order.


Spring Roll (春卷) [RM12(S)| RM24(B)]

Too far to go to Ipoh for salted chicken? There’s always another option right here at Chi Ka Yin. :)


Hakka Salted Chicken (客家咸鸡) [RM13(S)| RM25(B)]


Vinegar Pork Knuckle (白萝卜猪脚醋) [RM8(S)| RM16(B)]

The salted vege fish was cooked in a way that eliminated the fishy smell while retaining its freshness. I enjoyed eating this very much.


Salted Vege Fish (咸菜焖鱼) [RM15(S)| RM30(B)]


Yong Tau Foo (醸豆腐) [RM8(S)| RM16(B)]

Another recommended dish was the salted egg steam pork, which brought back memories of my grandmother’s cooking. Very traditional and homey.


Salted Egg Steam Pork (咸蛋蒸肉饼) [RM6(S)| RM12(B)]


Stir-fried vegetables


The dishes that night


Complimentary Konyaku Jelly


The team behind the scenes


Chi Ka Yin Hakka restaurant


Contact person

Although there was no dish that screamed unique at Chi Ka Yin, I thought its uniqueness lies in the fact that it makes one feel like home, with traditional cooking methods, prepared fuss-free and healthily. Go try it out yourself. :)

Note: All gorgeous pictures from Saucer :)

Restoran Chi Ka Yin

Address: No.9-G, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: +6017 6080886

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  1. Caroline says

    hehe.. my dad is hakka and he can cook most of the foods above. :) d bitter gourd soup nice!

    n now i want to eat yong taufu owh…. lol
    .-= Caroline´s last blog ..The So-called Wednesday. =-.

  2. David Goh says

    looks yummy !! and the “Chi Ka Yin” sounds very cozy 😀

    Oh since when you type mandarin already? Pleasant surprise…

  3. says

    So this is Hakka food. No wonder my missus can make the best ngor-hiang (spring roll) – she’s Hakka. Oooo…the duck looks good but my missus doesn’t eat duck, so no duck in the house. :(
    .-= suituapui´s last blog ..Hot lunch… =-.

  4. says

    Oh the braised duck does look yummy. Sometimes we don’t need the dishes to be exceptional but the home-cooked meal “feel” is the star, rather than the individual dishes.

    Glad you tweeted this oldie-but-goldie post of yours! :)

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