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My first visit to Dragon One left me mesmerized and craving for their super-duper durian pancakes for weeks after. Now, a few months down the road, a revisit to Dragon One shows that their food is not only still fab, but is newly improved with some new additions! :)

Starting with drinks, me being a girl who loves chocolate and cookies, I couldn’t resist from ordering the Oreo milk shake! The sight of the Oreo cookie protruding out of the surface of the ice-blended milk shake was simply too much to ignore. Saucer, on the other hand, opted for something much healthier – the red dragon fruit ice-blended, which was packed with vitamins and fibre. 😛


OREO Milk Shake (RM4.90), Dragon Fruit Ice Blended (RM5.90), Ice Cream Red Bean Snow (RM4.30)  and Roselle Flower Ice Blended (RM5.90)

Starting off the meal was Deep Fried Spring Onion Pancake, one of the new items on the menu. This was crispy and savoury with the strong fragrant of spring onion fried to perfection. Plus, it’s addictive that one piece is never enough!


Deep Fried Spring Onion Pancake (RM5.50)

The spinach dumpling is a new twist to the typical ‘har kau’ or prawn dumpling with addition of some greens within the dumpling. And OMG look at such translucent skin! I’m sure you can see the prawns and spinach inside without me having to point them out to you eh? :)


Steamed Spinach Dumpling with Water Cress (RM4.80)

Next, we had the xiao long bau, a classic dim sum dish at Dragon One not to be missed. As usual, the skin was thin but not sloppy, and the soup within was nothing short of magnificent. Dragon One even has the Correct steps (all 6 of them) to eat xiao long bau! Just check out the back of their menu and you’ll see what I mean. 😉


Steamed Shanghainese Meat Dumpling with Superior Soup (RM6.00)

The Stir Fried Rice Flour Roll looked like fried carrot cake, but it’s not! It’s actually rolls of rice flour similar to chee cheong fun, just that they’re fried until the edges are golden brown and crispy. Definitely a new way of eating chee cheong fun, if you ask me. And especially yummy too!


Stir Fried Rice Flour Roll with Spicy Sauce (RM4.50)

I remember I had the Shanghai Pan Fried Meat Buns in my last visit and I loved it. The crispy golden layer underneath was unique! I mean, how often do you find buns which are both steamed AND pan fried, all in one? You simply have to try this.


Shanghai Pan Fried Meat Buns (RM5.00)

‘Nian kao’ or Rice cake has become a popular dish lately during the Chinese New Year so much so that Dragon One is also not missing out with its new dish that also uses rice cake! The Stir Fried Glutinous Rice Cake with Crab Roe and Shrimps is a mouthful to pronounce but it will be even harder to pronounce when you fill your mouth with these delicious little pieces of rice cake.


Stir Fried Glutinous Rice Cake with Crab Roe and Shrimps (RM9.80)

Another of my favourite from my previous visit, the deep fried prawn roll is still generously filled with succulent prawns and layered with crispy pastry on the outside.


Deep Fried Prawn Roll with Squid Paste and Cheese (RM4.80)

When the next dish was presented to us, all of us looked at each other, puzzled. For we thought that the dish looked more Italian than Chinese! “Just like a plate of spaghetti!” we heard someone saying. But lo and behold, it’s not! Look closer and it’s actually baked la mian or hand-made pulled noodles! So very creative to pair it up with cheese! And so very fusion. Not to mention they pair up pretty well, those two. :)


Baked La Mian with Cheese (RM7.20)

The stuffed rice flour roll with Chinese crullers definitely brought me back memories of dear old Hong Kong. *nostalgic*


Stuffed Rice Flour Roll with Chinese Croissant and Squid Paste (RM5.50)

A bite into the Stuffed Rice Flour Roll with Duck Meat in Crab Sauce leaves one happily munching away for the stuffing of duck meat is crispy and savoury. Pair that with the otherwise bland rice flour roll and you get the recipe of an addictive treat.


Stuffed Rice Flour Roll with Duck Meat in Crab Sauce (RM6.80)

Deep Fried Prawn Roll with Orange Sauce still looked pretty and stands majestically tall towering the rest of the dim sum. Needless to say, the prawns were succulent and huge, and the skin, paper thin and crispy. Definitely a work of art!


Deep Fried Prawn Roll with Orange Sauce (RM5.00)

The stir fried bean sheet tasted very much like char kuey teow except that the noodles were flatter and smoother, with better elasticity. I totally enjoyed chewing into those transparent noodles!


Stir Fried Bean Sheet with Shrimps (RM8.20)

Last but not least, I’m sure there is without a question which dish I’m going to crown with the Star Dish award eh? You’re right! The amazingly awesome Durian Pancake! The bright yellow skin, the glorious whipped cream with hints of durian, and of course, real durian flesh, all wrapped in one. What’s not to like? For those who do not like durians, this is a good place to renew/rediscover your love for it. :)


Durian Pancake (RM4.60)

After all that sinfully delicious meal, a bowl of herbal jelly is ideal to cool it all down.


Herbal Jelly with Aloe Vera Syrup (RM5.00)

I have to say, Dragon One has again proven to be worthy of a visit, especially with its creative dim sum dishes and the more than fabulous durian pancakes. Looks like I’m going to ‘ta pau’ the pancakes again very soon! :)

Dragon One – Next to Murni
59 Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

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