From Macau to Hong Kong Day 1

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Last month, Saucer and I went for a holiday trip to Macau and Hong Kong in October, for a good 8 days! Man, that was really a trip, with so much walking we ended up buying more pairs of shoes than we could carry. *LOL* After much procrastination, I managed to get my photos in order to start blogging about our trip. Our flight was from Penang to Macau, because I purchased the tickets when I was still working in Penang (ages ago!). But if I were you, I would have purchased direct Hong Kong flights instead, to save on the transit time. The traveling part from KL to Penang was a pain, since I had to specially book another air ticket from KL to Penang, and have to stay one night in Penang  before our flight to Macau the next morning at an ungodly 6.30am! *gasp* Thanks to Wailian, who kindly provided us transport and accommodation the whole time we were there! We owe you one dude! :) Anyway, that aside, all our flights were thankfully on time, and we reached Macau at about 10am. Our plan was to head to Hong Kong for the first 7 days, and only return to Macau for our last night.

After much research and recommendation from Soosean, we found out that there was a ferry terminal within walking distance to the Macau airport, called the Cotai Jet. Of course, walking distance meant differently when you have luggage and when you don’t. *LOL* With our big bags and backpack, we managed to reach the terminal in about 20 minutes, under the hot sun. *phew* Thankfully the ferry frequency was pretty high, so we managed to buy tickets for the 11am ride, which was just 15 minutes wait time. Tickets were HKD154 each, but they’re more expensive for night sailing, do check out their website for more information.


Ferry tickets to Hong Kong

The ferry was huge and luxurious, with spacious seats and clean environment. It pretty much looked like the interior of a plane, except with wider aisles and longer legroom. I was having a good feeling about the ride.


Interior of ferry


Lots of unoccupied seats

That is, until I found out how choppy the seas were. :( The ride took one hour to be exact, and it got worse towards the end of the ride. The ferry was going through turbulence and so was my stomach. I had to keep distracting myself from the thought of vomiting but I couldn’t help feeling nauseous all the time.


Saucer and witch in the ferry

When I knew that the ferry had stopped, I heaved a sigh of relief and proceeded to walk towards to the exit. Little did I know, even while standing still, the ferry was blopping up and down, up and down, all the while when the crew was getting the doors opened. In the end, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and puked just before I walked out from the ferry! Thank god for the plastic bag I was holding just in case. But I felt a million times better after that, and walking on solid ground obviously helped tremendously. :) Well, that aside, we then proceeded to walk to the nearest MTR station, which was called Sheung Wan. Bear in mind that this ferry docks at the terminal in HK Island, instead of Tsim Tsa Tsui. The walk to the MTR station was a breeze, as the whole path was covered and air-conditioned. We took the advice of everyone who went to HK before to purchase our Octopus cards first. Then, we took the MTR to Jordan, where our guest house was nearest to.


Saucer and witch in the MTR

From Jordan, it was another 800m walk to the guest house. While walking, we passed by many shops and restaurants, and ended up having lunch at one of them. Saucer had the Roasted goose rice (HKD50) and I had the Roasted pork rice (HKD20). The goose was simply amazing! Soft and slithery skin with the unmistakable aroma of marinade. Granted, it was a little on the oily side, but who said good food is healthy? *LOL*


Roasted goose rice

My roasted pork didn’t fall short either. The skin was so crispy and the meat was tender and juicy. Simply delicious. One thing for sure though, the portion of rice given was unbelievably BIG! Seriously, we were two hungry souls who had not eaten since 6am on that day, and after much walking and traveling, you would expect that we could finish a cow at 1.30pm that day. But no, we couldn’t even finish the rice here. In fact, I think I ate probably 1/3 of it while Saucer ate 1/2 of his plate. The rice was THAT much.


Roasted pork rice

The shop we ate at was at Ferry Street, I think. This was the shop front, which I couldn’t pronounce because I don’t know how! :(


Where we had our lunch

After lunch, we were powered up to do more walking. We reached our guest house and did some washing up and had a rest before we set foot out again at 4pm, heading towards Mongkok for tea! *yay* From our guest house, we followed a local’s advice and took a yellow minibus to Mongkok. When we reached, I took out my map and followed the directions to Kam Wah cafe a.k.a. the best Polo pau on earth.


Hong Kong Jockey Club filled with people

Luckily, when we reached Kam Wah, we had a table to ourselves. I ordered a Polo yau, egg tart, ‘kai mei’ pau (recommended by the waitress) and drinks of lemon tea and milk tea. I was pretty satisfied with all my orders except for the ‘kai mei’ pau, which was actually filled with coconut shreds inside! And I dislike coconut bun!! What a deceiving name, since I was expecting some kind of bun with chicken meat in it. Oh well! Lesson learnt.


‘Kai mei’ pau

But the polo yau/bun with butter was simply mouth-watering, sinfully rich with melting butter, with flaky pastry on top of a warm and soft bun, it was like reaching heaven and back. Absolutely wonderful!


Polo yau

The egg tart was not bad itself, with warm runny and fragrant egg inside a crispy layer of pastry.


Egg tart

As for the drinks, I guess they were really nothing to shout about as I had had better milk tea in the next few days at other shops. But they were certainly still nicer than the milk tea that we can find here in Malaysia.


Ice lemon tea and milk tea

This is a must-visit shop if you go to Hong Kong. Throughout my 7 days there, I didn’t find any other polo pau that was better than this!


Kam Wah Cafe

Kam Wah Cafe
G/F 47 Bute Street

After tea, we walked around the streets of Mongkok, whenever the crowd brought us. As it was our first day there, we weren’t familiar with the roads and just walked whenever we saw anything interesting in sight. I believe, this picture below was the Fa Yuen market.


Fa Yuen street market


Fruit stalls

The sky started to get dark pretty early in HK, pretty much by 5.30pm, it was like our 7pm here. Along the streets of Mongkok, we noticed numerous hawker stalls such as the one shown below, selling skewered fish balls, bean curd, dim sum and the likes. We couldn’t help but buying the curry fish balls to try.


Hawker stalls aplenty


Curry fish balls

Truth be told, the fish balls in HK were not as good as the ones we have here, simply because their texture is somewhat different. Firmer and less bouncy. Perhaps just my personal opinion, but I think our ‘saitou’ fish balls win their curry fish balls anytime. :)

Another stall selling curry fish balls, and this had a long queue! We thought perhaps this stall’s balls were different and joined in the crowd.


Fish balls hawker stall


Busy aunty at work

Nope, the curry fish balls were pretty much the same. Except that the curry taste here was a tad stronger, and the price was slightly cheaper (HKD3 for 5 balls, instead of HKD6 for 6 balls). Maybe that explains the long queue. *LOL*


Saucer with curry fish balls

Apart from fish balls, the strong stench of fermented smelly tofu (bean curd) was everywhere! I, for one, was not interested at all in trying one of those. But Saucer was adamant in buying some, so we were in search of the smelliest tofu we could find. Starting with this shop below, where 1 piece was sold at HKD7.


Delicious Food hawker stall


Smelly tofu

Added some sauce onto it just like everybody else and he started munching. Surprisingly, his comment was that it wasn’t that smelly. Erm, okay… no thanks still. :)


Smelly tofu with sauce

With our stomachs full, we continued walking and ended up at the Goldfish Street, which was the northern section of the Tung Choi Street.


Aquariums on display

There were shops after shops selling fish and the likes.


witch at Goldfish street

We wanted to look for Ladies market instead, which was at the other end of the street. We walked across this pedestrian bridge while I captured the night life in Mongkok, in all its business and liveliness.


Crowd at Mongkok


Neon street signs making the streets lively



Oh my favourite brand Esprit, what a gigantic shop! 3 storeys no less!



Walking in Mongkok streets was no easy task. You have to be on the move at all times, instead of walking at leisurely pace and pausing once in a while to look at your map or take pictures. No luxury of that when you might get trampled over by the busy Hongkies who seem to be constantly on the move.


Busy streets of Mongkok


Saucer in the streets of Mongkok


witch at the busy streets of Mongkok

Finally, we reached the famed Ladies’ market, which was not surprisingly packed with people. I thought this stall with all the signboards of funny messages was cute, so I took a picture of it, only to be told by the owner that no pictures were allowed. :(


Signboards in Ladies market

More shops were encountered in Ladies market, but they didn’t really impress me as they looked pretty similar to our very own Petaling Street. Plus, all the stall owners had their eyes staring on us whenever we just walked past, making us feel uncomfortable in the already warm weather.


Shops at Ladies market


More stalls at Ladies market

At the end of it, we stumbled upon another smelly tofu shop, this time with smell much stronger than the previous one. Needless to say, Saucer proceeded to purchase another one to compare. Me thinks *no kisses from me tonight!*. *LOL*


Smelly tofu stall


The variety of skewered food


Enjoying the smell

And last but not least, our final stop of the day, Saint Alp Teahouse, which was apparently famous for their Spiced Beef Shin Noodles. Since Saucer was already full with his collection of smelly tofus in his stomach, we only ordered one bowl of the said noodles to try.


Saint’s Alp Teahouse

The noodles were one of a kind, unique and unlike anything that I had tasted before. Even though they looked like glass noodles, they were actually thicker, firmer and more bouncy. The soup was pretty fragrant with beef stock, but my only gripe was that the beef slices were a tad too fatty.


Spiced Beef Shin Noodles

Phew, what a night! We then went back to our guest house satiated and tired. But wait, it was only our first day! More adventures to come next! :)

Saint’s Alp Teahouse
G/F, 134, Sai Yeung Choi Street,
Mong Kok

*Note: Read the rest of my Hong Kong Escapade here!

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  1. says

    Nice ferry! I like the interior! Ooh! But with choppy sea, I will definitely vomit! Yeah, even when ferry not moving, can still feel nauseous because it’s rocking up and down! Moral of the story – don;t sit ferry! : )
    .-= foongpc´s last blog ..Lost In Xingping (Part 3) =-.

  2. says

    You didn’t try the smelly tofu? I think I don’t mind trying it – maybe it’s like how some people perceive durians – smells horrible but tastes good! Haha! Of course, for me, durians smells and tastes good!

    So no kisses for Saucer after he ate all those smelly tofu? Haha! Ask him to brush his teeth and chew some gum to get rid of the smell lah. LOL!

    But for Saucer, never mind lah. No kisses for one night is worth it right? Get to eat all those smelly tofu! Who cares about kisses from witch? LOL!
    .-= foongpc´s last blog ..Lost In Xingping (Part 3) =-.

  3. says

    Mongkok looks like a nice place to visit! But cannot walk leisurely? That’s bad – I like to relax and not hurry when I walk the streets and do shopping!

    Anyway, sorry for spamming comments here. This is to get back at Saucer for being 1st! Haha, just kidding. It’s just my style – you are welcomed to spam me back! LOL!
    .-= foongpc´s last blog ..Lost In Xingping (Part 3) =-.

    • says

      You should go HK some day! Wait for those 0 fares from AirAsia, really interesting place to visit. :)

      As for ferry, I agree with you. Won’t sit in it unless unavoidable! Otherwise, face the risk of vomiting.

      I have no idea why the rice is so big portion! It’s like that in most of the local eateries I went. Rice always big enough for two.

      Oh yes, I can never have enough of Kam Wah polo pau! Missing it already now. :(

      I did eat smelly tofu before. True, it tasted quite good but the after taste on your tongue was just unbearable! It followed me for the rest of the night! Yuck! 😛

      And no worries for spamming! Since I had my fun spamming yours too! Hahaha

  4. says

    Seeing your Hong kong photos bring back so many memories of my past 2 trips there. I used to stay in this Dragon Inn in Mongkok. It’s cheap and clean, and was awarded some Backpacker’s choice for a few years.

    Jockey Club, and to try the best bo luo bao in Hong Kong. These are 2 great things I will try on my next trip there. Thanks! ^_^
    .-= Shingo T´s last blog ..When life gives you lemons (Part 3) =-.

    • says

      Gosh, I also miss it already now. Those polo paus especially. *glorious* But service was just ok… I mean, we just finished our food, and the waiter would clear the plates and then direct new customers to our table, even though we hadn’t stood up yet!

  5. says

    aiyoo..makes me think back of polo bauz, taufu busuk and deep fried pig intestine…yumm~~~~~
    .-= taufulou´s last blog ..Thai Pan Delights @ Kuchai Lama =-.

  6. Wynell Woleslagle says

    your face lighten and your left with blochy white spots! so your better off buying lotion for your face and hands the bottle will say what it can be used on! hope i helped =]

  7. says

    @admin: I must say your blog is the first I’ve come across this morning that doesn’t have typos every other line. Thanks for taking the time to write something that doesn’t look like a 6th grader wrote. I apologize, just had to vent.


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