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It’s about a week after Saucer’s birthday, so I’m going to post some pictures on his celebration! On the night before, we had dinner at Kim Gary with his family members, all 8 of us in total. We went there because Kim Gary has 50% discount for birthday boys/girls! 50%! That’s a freaking lot of discount. *LOL* I managed to order my favourite cheese-baked chicken chop rice (my favourites are either cheese-baked chicken chop rice, cheese-baked unagi rice or steak with spaghetti in tomato sauce!). The bill came up to about RM80, so we actually saved RM80!

Of course, there was a cake at the end of the dinner, by Bread Story. It was a little too creamy (interior) for my liking, though the chocolate sponge cake portion was delectable.


Birthday cake

The next day (the actual birthday), I thought of surprising Saucer by sending something to his office! I have never done this before so I was pretty sure he would never expect it. :) My first choice was flowers, but then, I thought guys wouldn’t appreciate flowers as much as girls. And Saucer being Saucer, he would definitely say that I wasted money if I bought him flowers which served no purpose to him. *hmpf* So after much searching, I decided to get him a chocolate bouquet instead! Flowers made of chocolate, nice yet practical, since they can later be eaten as opposed to being left to rot. *LOL* Nice or not this bouquet?? :)


Chocolate bouquet

I got the florist to send the bouquet by 3pm and true enough, at 2pm, Saucer called me! He told me he received the bouquet already and he thought it was from his boss/company. *LOL*


Ferrero Rocher bouquet

After work, I planned to bring him to a new place for dinner, somewhere we had never been before and somewhere somewhat healthier. This was how he looked like before dinner. SO tired-looking, poor thing! He had to work from 7am to almost 8pm on that day.


Saucer with chocolate bouquet

We ended up going to Senjyu Sushi at Sunway Pyramid! I would say it was a good and bad decision. Good because the unagi roll they served was SUPREME! Very delicious! Bad because we went on a Monday, which was the day before a new shipment came in (Tuesday), which meant that the raw fish would have been LESS fresh relatively. Also, that Monday happened to be packed with customers! Even the waitresses were not expecting that. So we ended up having very limited choices. :( All the salmon were out of stock. And the gel to keep the fire burning for sukiyaki was also out! So we couldn’t order any of the soups/sukiyaki and any of the salmon sushi. What a blow! :( We’ll surely go back again, this time on a TUESDAY! Hmpf!


Unagi roll at Senjyu

We managed to eat above RM80 so we were given a RM10 voucher, which was their on-going promotion at that time. Fret not, I will use this RM10 wisely, and not only on unagi this time. *LOL* The waitress there was really cute, she kept apologizing to us because of the poor service that night (it was fully-packed) and for the lack of food!


Unagi roll

We ended our meal with a hot pot of Sake, which was also Saucer’s first. By the look of his face, I could tell he didn’t really enjoy it. *LOL* Neither did I! Maybe I’m not a wine person. *sigh* I can’t even enjoy red/white wines without feeling dizzy.


Warm sake

Happy birthday again Saucer. Hope you had a wonderful day, I know I did. :)

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  1. says

    Wow! So sweet of you! Saucer must be on cloud nine!

    There’s Senjyu Sushi at Sunway Pyramid? The other day, I went to Cineleisure at Mutiara Damansara (next to Curve) and ate at Senjyu Sushi there. I had this coupon where you get RM20 discount for RM80 spent. But the food there was lousy!! I didn’t even bother to eat up to RM80.

    I realised they gave us a different menu specifically for people using the coupons. This menu has very limited choice unlike the usual menu. And the food was simply horrible. I don’t think I’ll ever go there again!
    .-= foongpc´s last blog ..Did We Pay The Tour Company? =-.

    • babyrain says

      Hi Fongpc,

      i went to Cineleisure Senjyu Sushi last week also. They are full house and i also using the RM20 voucher that my sis pass to me. Well, to be fair the serving time a bit slow maybe due to full house reason. They have 2 menu, one is main senjyu menu and another one is Izakaya as the manager told me the RM20 voucher only can be use for the Senjyu main menu but not for the Izakaya menu. So i ordered my favourite Unagi roll and unagi don..:) My bf order the Wagyu don and other special sushi. The food there over all quite nice and with reasonable price. Me and my bf spend about RM100 per bill and really full.. after used RM20 voucher and we only paid RM80+.. we definitely will going back…hehe :)

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