Our Favourite Malaysian Restaurant in Sydney

It’s no surprise that we love Malaysian food and would go to great lengths to get them – either in terms of traveling the distance or in attempting to replicate them at home. Every time we hear of a commendable Malaysian restaurant, we would try our best to give it a try usually during the… 

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Peranakan Food in Sydney

Peranakan cuisine, or food originated from the Straits-born Chinese in Malaysia, is not something that is commonly found in Sydney. So when we found out that there’s a restaurant that specialises in Peranakan food, we made it a point to visit it one weekend. Located along Parramatta Road, Peranakan Place serves nyonya cuisine influenced by… 

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Cyren at Darling Harbour

As a continuation of Saucer’s birthday celebration, we had dinner that night in the city – in fact, the very first time with Little J in tow! Since it was a Saturday night, most of the restaurants were already packed at 7pm when were there. We approached several of them only to be told that… 

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Adventure Travel on the Islands of Cape Verde

The relatively unspoilt islands of Cape Verde, which are positioned around 350 miles off the coast of Western Africa, have become an admired destination among sun-seeking holidaymakers due to their white beaches, blue seas and constantly warm climate. However, this archipelago also attracts more intrepid tourists, thanks to the adventurous activities and experiences on offer…. 

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Happy Birthday Darling!

It was Saucer’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and for the longest time, I was thinking hard on what to get for him. I wanted it to be something different, something that we seldom do but also something that he would enjoy, of course. I came up with the idea of having a staycation… 

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The Baron Cafe

Saucer is never a fan of cafe food. He thinks most of the cafe food are simple dishes that could be prepared at home. Therefore, whenever we dine outside, we rarely ever go to a cafe. However, a mother’s group that I joined was hyping about this cafe in our neighbourhood which is supposed to… 

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Little J Turned 2!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages! But every time I got to the process of sorting out the pictures, I was distracted by something else, either at work or at home. But it’s September now and I told myself if I’m still going to blog about Little J’s birthday, I have to… 

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